10 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Bieber

justin bieber

’m no so-called Belieber (the thought of being passed off as one sends shivers down my spine), and no matter how much you may hate the guy, he deserves all the respect he can get. While he’s no stranger to controversy, and we’re definitely not condoning his douchebaggery (sorry, Beliebers), Justin Bieber is applauded for the talent (don’t shoot the messenger) and sheer luck in becoming one of the world’s fastest selling artists of all time. Since he was discovered on YouTube by Scooter Braun in 2007, Biebs has taken the world by storm and has become every teenage girl’s crush.

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If you’re a Belieber, you may claim you know everything about the young (and controversial) star. But did you know these ten things?

1. Baby, Baby, Baby, Ooh!

Apparently, Biebs was accused of fathering a child at the age of 15. Mariah Yeater claimed she had sex backstage with the Canadian popstar after his L.A. performance on October 25, 2010. Yeater claimed that he refused to wear a condom and that the encounter lasted a whole “30 seconds”. Bieber later denied the accusations and even took a paternity test to prove he wasn’t the father. Meanwhile, he’s been accused of fathering children with a number of other women, including an unnamed woman who claimed to have had a one night stand with Bieber.

2. Your High-ness

In early 2014, the Prince of Pop was arrested for drag racing in Miami Beach and tested positive for marijuana and Xanax. It’s not the first time, however, that he’s been caught smoking marijuana. In 2013, an image of him smoking a joint with a woman who looks an awful lot like Ariana Grande made its way onto the Internet. Meanwhile, again in early 2014, it was reported that the pilots to his private jet had to wear their oxygen masks because Bieber and his entourage had filled the air with marijuana smoke.

3. Egg-cellent!

Bieber was forced to pay up $80,000 in damages for pelting his neighbor’s house with eggs in 2014. The neighbor claims to have had trouble with Bieber in the past, and even provided authorities with home video footage of the popstar trespassing onto his property during the incident and apparently yelling “f*ck you”.

4. Whoops!

It is alleged that a Bentley was damaged during the filming of his “Eeenie Meenie” video in 2010, which reportedly cost $50,000 to fix.

5. Bad Bieber, Bad!

While we agree paparazzi have a knack of being intrusive, that does not mean you can push or punch them. And Bieber’s has done plenty of that. Jose Sarros was pushed by the Canadian star and treated for minor injuries. Bieber then punched a paparazzo in Paris in 2014. Meanwhile, he even compared his car accident, in 2014, to the Princess Diana tragedy.

6. And the Award Goes To…

Bieber was rightfully *cough* awarded the coveted accolade for Most Annoying Celebrity in 2014 in an article by Liz Braun for the Ottawa Sun.

7. Million Dollar Baby

If you’d like to hire Bieber for a private concert, it will cost you somewhere around $1 million, according to The Mirror. It will also cost you up to $8,000 – per hour – to have him sing at your birthday party (a.k.a. the worst birthday party ever).

8. Narcissus 2.0

Another rumor goes that the Canadian star once kissed a poster of himself – and then allegedly, always, declared: “Yep. I’m a great kisser”.

9. It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

Bieber’s fans reportedly booed him during the UK leg of his 2013 Believe Tour, when he walked out on stage two hours after the scheduled 8:30pm start of the show. He reportedly told staff that it was his gig and “will go out when I want to”. He was – again reportedly – busy playing videogames.

10. Prince Charming

In 2013, he was caught on film urinating in a New York City restaurant mop bucket. He then sprays a picture of former U.S. president Bill Clinton with cleaning liquid, upon exiting the restroom, declaring “F*ck Bill Clinton”. The good news is that a puppy during the video shoot for “One Less Lonely Girl” peed on the little sh*t.

What do you think of these ten factoids about Justin Bieber? Do you want to applaud us or assassinate us? Let us know in the comments section below! Meanwhile, don’t forget to watch what must be THE best video on YouTube.

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