10 Things You Think About Your Colleagues

Everyone dreads the daily commute to work; whether it’s stuck in peak-hour traffic, sleeping in late, or unsuccessfully getting time off work only to be told you have to work that day by your boss. Ah, work. We always wish that the grass could be greener on the other side. But, have you ever thought anything about your colleagues? It may not have occurred to you, doing the daily grind, because of how busy you are. Or maybe it already has, and you have a sharp eye – or taste, even! Some of them come in different categories: the people pleaser, the slacker, or even the successful one.

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Here’s a list of ten things you think about your colleagues.

1. Office Relationships Aren't Allowed...Right?

We all have had that cute someone as a colleague within the workplace, whether they are in the same position, or even the manager. After all, who can resist thinking about them when you’ve been chewing on the end of your pencil for so long, trying to meet your deadline that’s due next week - with nothing else to do? Come on, you know what I’m talking about. And it’s easy to fall into that pattern of daydreaming. Oh, those eyes... Maybe one day, they might notice you.

2. Oh She Does it Again

There she goes - a swish of that long hair and a click of her heels; she knows what she wants, and you know it. Faster than you can say "bubbly," she’s twirling around the office in what seems to be milliseconds, hopping from one colleague to the other about the latest fashion, trends, and news about her favourite celebrities and brands. With a flick of her wrist she’s off again - to who knows where, striking up the next conversation. Sometimes- only sometimes, you wish you could be as sociable as her - she’s so radiant!

3. Are They Ever at Their Desk?

You know the person. The one that’s never at their desk at a lunch break - and you wonder...what could they possibly be doing outside? Talking about an event that happened ten years ago? You see the manager giving the rest of your colleagues beady eyes and that look that means they want you to be on track - but this one person wants to delay the whole team. If only they would pull their weight and venture into the office every once in a while. Oh well. You’re kind of envious as to how much time they spend outside, while the air conditioning makes your eyes feel like sandpaper.

4. House of Cards or Tea Parties

You can’t help but wonder. After all, they’re normal people, just like you. Every morning you set foot into your office, you think about what they do in their free time. Sometimes, these thoughts entertain you - and a little giggle might slip out. Whether it’s the nerdy guy across you with the glasses, whom you know has been playing Minesweeper for the tenth time in a row, or one of the older female colleagues who is chit-chatting away while taking elegant sips from her tea - you have to know. Does the nerdy guy build a house of cards every night, alone? Or is he with company? Does the older female colleague have tea parties, or does she collect rainbow stockings? It’s so intriguing, even though you wish it didn’t keep you up at night with fascination.

5. How do They Look so Good?

Oh, it looks like they’re wearing the most expensive suit or skirt available. But you can’t help but wonder; how do they look so good? Is it the light spray of perfume or cologone they place upon their wrists or neck in the early hours of the morning? Or the dusting of foundation and blush upon their cheeks? You do wonder these things, as you look into the mirror of a Monday morning, peering at your baggy eyes and pinching your cheeks to wake yourself up. You know that having these thoughts will only lead yourself to your own Monday blues, so you try to think of other things. You should be happy with who you are and be proud of that!

6. Was That a Smile or a Frown?

People’s emotions can be quite difficult to decipher. One moment, someone can be cheerful and smiling; the next they can look like they have a devil whispering on their shoulder. Sneers, glares and a haughty raise of the eyebrows are commonplace upon workplaces - each person is trying to do their best to look like they know what they’re doing; and intruders, be aware! Some people can be downright nasty - others friendly, even approachable - it varies from colleague to colleague. Try not to worry too much about how they’re looking at you, and take their advice at face-value. After all, a stern word of advice and a heavyset frown may send your tail between your legs, but maybe your colleague has your best interest at heart.

7. Will You Ever Stop Talking?

I don’t know if you know this - but mouths can move very fast when someone is incessantly chatting their heart out. I know that you have that urge, to roll your eyes when you’re in a conversation with someone, and they just won’t stop talking about themselves. Your teeth grind, your heart beats fast, and sweat beads upon your palms as the urge to escape the conversation grows. Doesn’t it just make you want to tell them to tape their mouth with sticky tape of some sort? And don’t forget to put cotton balls in your ears - maybe invest in some ear plugs to keep these types of people from crashing onto your personal space. The old nod and "mhm," usually gets their attention for long enough - but looking disinterested to even the most naive of people, can be hard. What more can you do than try to avoid engaging them in a conversation?

8. I'm so Stressed I Can Feel a Vein Pop in my Temple

Some people just have a natural talent of  being stress-free. And you are jealous- you want to be stress-free. You want to come home and kick back and relax, knowing that whatever work you had set out to do is done, and you can free your hands of all of that pile of paper needing to be sorted. Some people have good techniques as to how to take care of their stress. Take a break from whatever you’re doing for fifteen minutes, or an hour, even. You’ll find that you’ll have a clearer mind - able to sort through the rest of your thoughts later in a better frame. I bet one of your colleagues keeps a stress ball on their desk and gives it a little squeeze every so often. I bet it’s blue, too.

9. Do Not Touch

We’ve all had, at one point in our lives, a person who has eaten our food. It could’ve been last night’s leftover lasagne, or your favourite cheesecake, but deep inside, you’ve wished a wrath on whoever has stolen your food. They’re always there. Standing in front of the fridge with the door open, and the cool breeze blasting in their face. You see their hand slowly leaning towards their drink, but then you see it move, darting towards your homemade sandwich and nabs it! You pretend you didn’t notice - this time is the last time. From now on, you will label it in bold - "Property of...DO NOT TOUCH"

10. One Day

Call it wishful thinking, or call it aspiration - those hopeful thoughts you have as you glance at a higher-up or a colleague you admire, make your tiny heart beat a little faster. It almost makes you deflate a little - but then you think of how many years or months they spent in lower positions, working hard, working to the clock - not just making the bare minimumThese are the people who you know could one day run a company, or be a CEO. It shows in their dedication to work, deadlines, and how they hold themselves. But don’t worry - you’ll be like them soon. I know you can.

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We think many different things about our coworkers, and these are only some of the main things that run through our minds at work. Do you recognize these thoughts?  Let us know in the comments section below!