10 Tips to Reprogramming Your Daily Habits

What do you do when you first wake up in the morning? Chances are you don’t even remember because as soon as your alarm clock goes off, you are in autopilot mode.

Being stuck in automatic all day long will not help you reach your goals and dreams. You need to reprogram your daily habits for success.

1. Take on One Habit at a Time

It can be easy to make a huge list of all the good habits you want to have, but you will have a hard time achieving these new habits if you take them all head on. Pick one habit to work on each month.

2. It’s Okay If It Takes Longer

Some habits are really hard to incorporate in your life. While research has found that 21 days is the magic number to create a good habit, some people have a hard time making certain habits stick, even after 21 days of commitment. If you are still struggling to make daily exercise a habit, then keep working on it. Don’t try to work on another habit until your other habit becomes second nature.

3. Give Yourself Grace

The cliché is that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you cannot expect the same progress for yourself. There will be many times where you slip and forget to practice your new habit. There will also be times when bad habits sneak back into your life. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just pick yourself back up and keep trying. Remember: you want these good habits to stick for life, so they may require more time to become second nature.

4. Wake Up Early to Exercise

Even if you are not a fan of breaking a sweat, you need to make it a habit. Many successful people contribute their success to an early morning exercise session. The extra calorie burn does wonders for your health, but it goes deeper than that. Starting your day off with exercise also boosts productivity and creativity for the rest of the day.

5. Schedule Your Internet Time

How many times have you popped on to check your email or social sites for a few minutes, only to realize you wasted a half an hour? Take control of your time spent on the Internet by scheduling in purposeful times. Checking your email for three minutes every hour wastes more time than scheduling two 10-minute blocks of email correspondence during your workday.

6. Read a Chapter Before Bed

It doesn’t matter how many blogs or magazines you read in a month. The most influential words you will read will come from good books. Don’t let reading websites replace reading actual books. Many individuals believe that they have no time to read, yet if they were to look at the tasks they did 30-60 minutes before bed, they might find that those pre-bedtime minutes were spent in waste. If you make it a goal to read one chapter of a book before you go to sleep, you will easily read one to three books a month.

7. Carry Water with You Everywhere

When it comes to healthy habits, most would say they want to increase their water intake. It does not take someone with a PhD to understand that the more water in your diet, the better you feel and look. Being properly hydrated will make a huge difference in your energy, productivity, and even mood. The secret to drinking more water is simple – just carry it around with you wherever you go. It is much easier to mindlessly drink water when your ice-cold tumbler and straw are sitting next to your laptop.

Drinking more water will also make some habits easier to stick to. For example, if the new habit you want to practice is to forgo coffee, then ample water intake will help.

8. Practice Gratitude

Wake up each morning and jot down two to three things you are thankful for. It can be easy to get stuck in negative thinking when it comes to our bad habits or current situation. You have a lot to be grateful for; you just need to realize it. Practicing this simple task of gratitude each morning will help you have a more positive mood and stay motivated implementing good habits into your life.

9. Celebrate Change

Creating new habits is a big deal, and it deserves to be celebrated. Every time you implement a healthy habit into your life for a month, reward yourself. You can decide on the right reward, though don’t reward yourself with a bad habit. For example, if you made it 30 days without sugar, don’t celebrate with the largest piece of cake you can find. Instead, reward yourself with a massage or a mini shopping spree.

10. Visualize Success

When you start to change your habits for the better, big changes will be coming your way. Simple diet changes could lead to huge weight loss, simple productivity changes could lead to better job promotions, and so on. Visualize success and let that motivate you to stick to your new habits.

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Reprogramming your habits will take time and dedication on your part. However, add better habits to your life, and you will start to wake up with purpose and find success in reaching your personal and professional goals.