10 Types of Tourism You Didn't Know Exist

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How can you define tourism? Tourism is a very broad and diverse field that can be broken into different categories. Today, the tourism industry offers numerous specialized forms of tourism in order to meet the increasingly diverse and the unique needs of a demanding public.  There are new places and sights, new foods, arts and civilizations that the world’s tourists can be exposed to. However, at the same time tourism rises to another level and offers options that are outside of the ordinary realm of tourism.

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Check out the following types of tourism that will surely stimulate your curiosity and interest:

1. Atomic Tourism

This is a type of tourism that emerged after the dawn of the Atomic Era. Curious tourists enthralled with the Atomic Era, visit museums that specialise in atomic weapons, with the two most popular sites for this kind of tourist being Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Interestingly, there is a specialised nuclear museum in Kiev, the Chernobyl Museum, which is another hotspot for atomic tourists.

2. Tolkien Tourism

Believe it or not, the Lord of the Rings has had a social impact that it has become a reason for travelling and tourism. Tolkien tourism involves dedicated fans visiting the Lord of the Rings fictional “planet” and visits to key sites mentioned in the films or books. Apparently, New Zealand is the hot spot of this kind of tourism, as it is the main location of the film series. In the UK, Oxford and Birmingham are the ultimate places for hardcore fan tourism related to Tolkien.

3. Dark Tourism

The agenda of dark tourism revolves around the concepts of death, tragedy, disaster and occasionally the afterlife.  Among the most popular places for those who love this sort of tourism are sites where multiple deaths or mass suicides occurred. Dracula’s Poenari castle in Romania top tourists’ lists.

4. Drug Tourism

There’s no better place in the world for drug tourism other than Amsterdam. Cannabis cafes are plentiful and attract millions of youngsters from all over the world. Colombia is the another popular drug destination especially for business and trade. In addition to this, India is a well-established place where good quality Indian hashish is produced.

5. Ghetto Tourism

This type of tourism is quite new  – the term was initially used back in the mid-2000s. With hip-hop becoming increasingly popular over the past fifteen years, people were interested in learning about the places where this music genre and lifestyle emerged from. The American ghettos of Detroit, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago were populated by young people who were curious to find out about specific aspects of the hip-hop lifestyle. Real Bronx tours bus rides used to be the highlight of ghetto tourism that have recently been suspended.

6. Shark Tourism

This type of tourism falls under the umbrella of eco-tourism, and it appeals to those who are passionate about shark species, etc. Well, apparently, this is one of the riskiest kinds of tourism, and no matter how professional and excellent shark tour operators are, accidents and even fatalities have happened in the past.

7. Halal Tourism

Many of you would have heard of the so-called halal food, which includes meals that are allowed under the Islamic dietary guidelines. Well, there is a specific type of tourism that is in accordance with Islamic beliefs and practices. So if you like alcohol, enjoy having sex, like pork or if you are gay, don’t dare to pursue this type of tourism.  You could –in the best case scenario - end up in a prison, or in the worst case be killed for your “sinful preferences”.

8. War Tourism

Otherwise known as “suicide tourism”, this kind of tourism involves tourists visiting active war zones to experience what life is like on the battlefield. War tourists are typically people who love sports, adventure and adrenaline. Of course, there are also less danger-seeking war tourists who visit in active war zones.

9. Fertility Tourism

This is a subtype of medical tourism, taken advantage of by thousands of couples living in countries where sperm donation costs are prohibitive. Couples fly to places that have liberal legal regulations about sperm donation or lower costs in order to find the perfect donor. Among the most countries of this sort of tourism are those inhabited by tall, blond, blue-eyed men.

10. Suicide Tourism

This is probably the most macabre kind of tourism one could ever imagine and apparently holidaymakers pursuing suicide tourism buy a single ticket! Those who embark on these tours usually seek idyllic scenic sites to put an end to their lives. It is usually people travelling to countries that allow euthanasia such as Switzerland.

These are some of the weirdest types of tourism. Have you ever engaged in any of these types of tourism? Let us know about some of your best and worst experiences…