10 Ways to be Indispensable at Work

Especially in today’s current job market and business world, job security is extremely uncertain. Employees do not have the satisfaction of knowing that a job well done will secure them in their current employment until retirement—as was the case in past decades. Business owners are dealing with a variety of financial issues, such as the rising cost of healthcare and business expenses that are factors in creating alternative employment situations. For example, companies have had to outsource employment positions to other countries and lay people off due to budget cuts. Since this is the case, a savvy employee will learn how to develop as a professional and find ways to become indispensable at work. This article will address 10 ways to accomplish that task.

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1. Acclimate to Changing Technology

This step has to be one of the most important avenues that an employee can take to remain indispensable at work and maintain job security. Technology advances daily, and you must find a way to acclimate proficiently to those changing trends in your specific field. For example, many companies are now using various online tools for tracking trends in your industry such as Google Alerts and BuzzFeed. Especially for those individuals entering the field of marketing, they need to stay up to date on current trends in marketing such as “Agility Marketing” concerning tracking likes, shares and tweets on social media. Individuals who can become tech-savvy will maintain their value to employers.

2. Be a Team Player

Being a team player in the workplace is an invaluable asset that you can develop in order to remain indispensable to your employer. Knowing how to be independent and complete your individual daily tasks is important. However, with the changing environment in the business world, employers are seeking individuals who can perform as team players and work in unity to bring the maximum productivity to the workplace. Additionally, as you perform well on the team, your coworkers will see you as an asset and value you as a fellow indispensable employee.

3. Maximize Your Job Performance

Another way to become indispensable in the workplace is to simply do your job. Become a master at your daily tasks and don’t give your manager any excuse to write you up for negligent behavior. Focus on completing work that adds to the productivity of the company. For example, don’t simply come to the office, complete “busy work”, and then go home at the end of the day. Put an effort into your work that shows that you want to be productive and not simply exist for no purpose in the workplace. Business consultant, Brian Tracy shares some excellent tips on how to improve your performance at work in four simple steps.

4. Become a Master of Something

This step will depend on your specific work environment and industry. For example, if you work on an assembly line, you will not necessarily need to develop knowledge of a second language. Rather, you will want to focus on mastering your assembly line skills and finding ways to maximize production. In this current work environment, the business world is becoming more global so it would pay off to learn a second language if you work in the banking, business or education field. Take stock of your current situation, and find a way to become a master of something in the workplace so that you stay indispensable to your employer. If you don’t, some other colleague will.

5. Master Your People Skills

With regard to this step, you need to find a perfect balance. For example, you should master your people skills and cultivate relationships with those in management positions. Do not use people to your advantage. However, realize the value in networking and making connections that will put you in a good light with regard to future promotions. Of course, your work performance should always match your people skills so that you can be proud of any promotions you do receive, and that they are actually warranted. If you can find a way to connect with other employees as well and become skilled at conflict resolution, you may soon find yourself in a management position. If you need more tips on how to master your people skills, you can review this article from Smart Blogs on Leadership.

6. Increase Your Productivity

This is especially true with people in sales. However, it can apply to most professions as well. Individuals, who are not productive each day and accomplishing tasks, are not adding value to their employer’s company. Productivity ranges anywhere from increasing sales, completing allotted tasks to meeting your production quota. If you can increase your productivity at work, you will remain indispensable to your employer.

7. Become a Problem Solver

If you want to stay indispensable, then learn how to become a problem solver in the workplace. Don’t be a problem creator. Your employer will value you more when you learn how to think outside the box and offer creative solutions to problems at work. Learn how to listen to your coworkers and managers. Ascertain what people don’t like about work and find creative solutions. For example, if the lunch room in your office is not relaxing and conducive to break times, think about solutions and offer them to management. If you enjoy napping, suggest to the management that they offer a nap room, which has been shown to increase employee productivity.

8. Cultivate a Positive Perspective

If you are not a generally optimistic person, now might be a good time to cultivate a positive perspective in your life. Not only will your employer commend your efforts, but your coworkers will also appreciate the optimism. There is a wide variety of self-help books available that can assist you in developing self-confidence and a renewed optimism for life. In an article, Geoffrey James shared some excellent ideas on how to cultivate a positive perspective.

9. Excel in Communication

An excellent communicator will excel in the workplace and gain positive attention from management. Communication skills pertain to both oral and written aspects. Individuals, who learn how to develop these skills, will remain indispensable in the workplace. You can see how your communication skills rate in this article.

10. Stay Dependable

This final step is important because employers deeply value employees who are dependable and can be counted on to perform effectively at work. Don’t call out sick too often. Arrive early to work. Be ethical in your behavior patterns. Staying dependable at work will make you indispensable to your employer.

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There are many steps that you can take to become indispensable to your employer. What steps have you taken in your professional journey?




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