10 Ways to Have Fun at Work Without Losing Your Job


Good news - work doesn’t have to be dull and boring! Here are some ways to inject a little fun and humour into your workplace without running the risk of losing your job.

#1 The Fun Committee

Each organisation has a different culture, so what might be considered good fun in one setting, may not work in another. Organising a Fun Committee is a great way of ensuring that enjoyable activities and events that are appropriate to the company will be created and enjoyed by everyone.

#2 Humour Board

Create a Humour Board and encourage everyone to make contributions. Jokes, cartoons and links to funny websites should all be included; although the board will need a designated moderator for appropriateness of content!

#3 Humour Break Room

This idea works on the same basic premise as a ‘quiet room’, but with humour. The room should have joke books, cartoons, audio and video media with several sets of headphones and a selection of comedy cuts that employees can enjoy during breaks.

#4 Stress-release Area

Office life can undoubtedly be stressful. Set aside an area where stress can be downgraded in a fun way; a mini golf course, dart boards, hula hoops – whatever allows a release of built up tension in a fun way.

#5 Dress Down Days

Dress down days have long been a popular vehicle for charity fundraising, but you can use them to inject fun into the working week too. Once a month, hold a ridiculous tie competition, a fancy dress day or a themed event for Halloween, St Patrick’s Day etc.

#6 Caption Competition

Hold a weekly caption competition with a small prize on offer. Every Monday morning, put a cartoon or photo on the Humour Board and encourage staff to write a witty caption to accompany it. Everyone gets to vote for their favourite and the winner is presented with their prize on Friday afternoon. 

#7 Catering Joke of the Week

Set up a joke box in the staff restaurant and encourage diners to place food-related jokes in it. Offer an appropriate prize each month; a meal for two, indigestion tablets etc.

#8 Complaints

Make it a rule that no-one on your department is allowed to complain. Anyone heard whining has to place 10p in the pizza pot. When the pot is full, the money goes towards paying for pizza and beer for the whole department.

#9 Mottos

Encourage staff to place amusing mottos or photographs up beside their desks to help keep daily stresses in perspective. 

#10 Minutes

Every department has an obligatory weekly progress or update meeting. No-one sees the point of them and they are notoriously boring. These meetings are usually ‘minuted’ and the minutes circulated subsequently. When it’s your turn to type up the minutes, try to incorporate a funny phrase or some song lyrics into the document and see how long it takes someone else to spot them. 

Invariably, no-one bothers to read the minutes of meetings and it can be highly amusing to point out your humorous inclusion at the following week’s session.

So you see there are plenty of ways to have fun at work without getting yourself fired in the process. Of course, it helps if your boss has a good sense of humour and fun and it’s important to understand just how he or she ticks before you begin your campaign of departmental jollity. Always clear anything fun-related that’s proposed before you start to implement it; just in case!




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