10 Ways to Identify a Cosplayer at Work

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If you love cosplay and you feel lonely at work because no one else seems to have his or her heart set on cosplaying then we have good news for you. It’s not that there’s no one else that loves to cosplay at work, it’s just that you haven’t found who they are yet. There are some indicators which can help you reveal a hidden cosplayer amongst your co-coworkers. You just need to be careful and watch for clues – finding another cosplayer is very similar to digging up a treasure chest. I suppose finding a fellow cosplayer is similar to how mutants feel when they discover Charles Xavier’s Academy for gifted students in X-men. Once you manage to find your cosplayer kinsmen, you can covertly spread your influence. One day cosplay Fridays will become a reality in your office, which will be a perfect addition to all the other eccentric office rules that you hope will someday be reality.

It is worth mentioning that a cosplayer is likely to keep his or her identity hidden, especially if the work environment is too formal. This will hinder your plans to transform the office into a cool workplace, kind of like what Google has. Luckily, there are several effective ways of detecting cosplayers among your colleagues, which we’ll cover in detail in the following list.          

1. A true cosplayer’s heart lies within manga/anime


This is where our culture was born. An easy way to spot a potential anime fan is listening to everyone’s ringtone, and if someone has a weird Japanese song (J-pop), there is a good chance it’s an opening or closing song of an anime series.

Another way to be absolutely certain that one is a cosplaying anime fan, is his fighting style. If you organize sparring matches as a team building activity, anime and manga fans will yell the names of their attacks and techniques during the fight, or even try to power up and change their form.          

2. Comic book fan is your new Robin

If you’re into something less colorful and more superhero-like, you should join the comic book fans. You won’t find a better sidekick anywhere but amongst these cosplayers. But you should maybe think about hitting the gym, because comic book characters are all about muscles and justice. However, you can always decide to join the dark side and become a badass villain.

Now in order to identify a comic fan cosplayer you’ll need to be super observant. Do any of your colleagues come in with a backpack? If they do try and figure out whether a superhero uniform would fit in there. Also, check if there are any comic books sticking out of their backpacks.

3. The hero does not fall far from the gamer


Probably the most dedicated cosplayers can be found amongst gamers. For them, it’s not just dressing up in a costume, it’s living the character night and day on the big screen.

These are quite easy to detect, just steer the conversation towards gaming, and see which one of your co-workers is a passionate gamer. Be careful though, many people are willing to claim they are gamers just because they play one or two video games. Don’t fall for their ruse, only a true gamer is a potential cosplayer.  

4. A bookworm is a cosplayer in disguise

If you find that cosplaying is closely related to science and fantasy, this should be your target group. There are many different fantastic worlds which have been delivered to us through books, so you’ll have a lot to choose from. One warning to keep in mind when dealing with this kind of cosplayer – read everything thoroughly, because the rules laid out in the book will apply from now on, so you better remember them well.

This type of cosplayers are easy to spot. You’ll find them in the break room reading.

5. You’ll find a cosplayer’s nose in his own movie database

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Movie fans are the stealth members of the cosplay community. It’s a bit harder to enter their ranks because they like their privacy, but once you do, a whole new world will open up for you – you’ll watch the same old movie characters like you’ve never seen them before, surrounded by their real life avatars, and you’ll love it!

Of course, it is far more likely for a movie geek to be into cosplay if that person loves super hero action movies or fiction movies. Moreover, there are people who recently got into this whole trend, and they may not be willing to go to such lengths to express their appreciation for their favorite characters. These are known as dormant cosplayers, and it is up to you to awaken them.   

Remember, you cannot be too pushy, invite them to a movie night every now and then, bring out some cool facts related to the topic, and gradually introduce them to the world of cosplay.

6. Watch out for collectibles

All collectors have a very straightforward way of connecting with each other. So, all you need to do is google an item and you’ll find numerous pages dedicated to finding it – that is where you’ll also find cosplayers who tirelessly search for their missing collectibles!

7. A real cosplayer doesn’t go out without certain accessories


If you’re not sure how to start a cosplay conversation, you need to look for some recognizable items. It won’t be too hard to find them – they usually have very obvious marks – and when you do find them, be prepared to start a practically inexhaustible subject with your new best friend.

8. Wordplay mirrors a cosplayer’s world

The easiest way to recognize a fellow cosplayer who’s into the same stuff as you are is wordplay. Cosplayers have a compulsive urge to quote something from a comic book, anime, superhero movie or book, if the opportunity presents itself.

For example, if you say to someone: “I swear to God, I don’t know” and the person responds with “Swear to me! (Batman Begins)” there is a good chance that person is a cosplayer, or a potential candidate. Just watch out for some familiar references and you’ll find a person that’s a hidden fan of your favorite cosplay theme in no time.

9. Some hobbies can make a cosplayer get out of the closet


Much like the example mentioned in the movie section, some people are simply unaware of their cosplaying abilities. There’s nothing more entertaining than dragging someone into the cosplay world. If you know someone who recently started sewing, making action figures or who’s just getting warmed up to the subject, you should take this opportunity because it’s your time to shine! These people can be a valuable asset to your cosplayer squad, since they can create accessories to improve everyone’s costume.   

10. A bit of stalking never hurt no one

Of course, we’re not talking about violating someone’s privacy – visiting a few different pages on Facebook and going through their members in order to find a new cosplay friend is totally ok, after all, that’s why these fan pages are made for, right?

In other words, go through all the likes and groups of your co-workers on their Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube profiles. Most members of this community are usually open for discussion, so you’ll be able to make friends in no time. The point of cosplaying is to have fun, and it’s up to you to be daring and make the first move, so don’t hesitate!

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If you want to find cosplayers among your coworkers, this list should come in handy. Also, if you already know there are cosplayers at your workplace, and you are the one who wants to join their group, make sure you don’t make statements that can offend them. After all, having cosplayers as your friends increases your chance of getting into Comic Con.