10 Ways to Identify Your Mission in Life

Identifying your mission in life can become one of the most important things you ever set out to accomplish. When you are living outside of your mission, you run the risk of your life becoming less fulfilled. This article will discuss 10 ways that you can accomplish that task. It is important to set aside some quiet time to review these steps in order to focus on genuinely identifying your mission. Be honest during this process so that you make an informed decision during your journey.

1. Review Your Favorite Moments

Take an honest look at the favorite moments in your life. For example, ascertain moments when you were doing hobbies that you truly enjoyed. Evaluate projects that you completed at work to ascertain what skills you excelled at. Some of your favorite moments could have been in relationships with people. That could indicate your mission in life is to work closely with others. The purpose of this first step is to identify when you’re most happy during your day.

2. Review Your Natural Capabilities

When you finally figure out your mission in life, it will be something that utilizes your specific skills and natural capabilities. Of course, you’ll have to work hard at anything you do concerning your mission. However, your life’s mission will somehow be related to your natural capabilities. For example, if writing comes naturally to you, maybe becoming an author and writing novels are your mission in life.

3. Identify Your Inspirations

Your inspirations can range from someone in your family that you respect, to a famous celebrity that you aspire to emulate. Figure out your top three inspirational individuals and ascertain what qualities in these people you’d like to emulate. Identify what they do that inspires you to succeed in life. Identifying your inspirations will help you to further develop your mission in life and cultivate your own aspirations.

4. Identify When People Need You

This step involves reviewing any time in your life when people at work or in your personal life came to you for help. For example, when you were in school, did fellow classmates continually ask you for help with homework? Maybe your mission should involve your obvious intellectual abilities. When you’re at work, do colleagues as you to participate in specific team projects? Evaluate the skills you needed to work in that team. This can help you to get one step closer toward identifying your mission in life.

5. Identify Your Value System

Your value system is closely aligned to your mission in life. If you haven’t yet figured out your mission, take a look at your specific value system. Make a list of your values in priority order. For example, maybe you highly value the sanctity of life or ethics are of great importance to you. Review those values and get one step closer toward ascertaining your mission in life.

6. Discover Your Talents

Another way that you can identify your mission in life is to discover your talents and passions. Again, these two factors will be closely aligned with your mission. For example, if you are good at singing and also enjoy hanging out at karaoke night, maybe you should consider how you can use this talent to help others and further the arts.

7. Review Your Challenges

There is something to be said for the manner in which we handle challenges and obstacles in our lives. Either we face them head-on and find ways to remove them from the equation, or we run from them in fear and hide. In order to identify your mission, review your reactions to those challenges. The way you react to obstacles is closely aligned to your mission in life.

8. Identify Your Audience

Is there a group of people that you have a message for? Another way to ascertain your life’s mission is to identify your audience. For example, do you “click” when you think about connecting with your generation? Would you rather share your message with those who are younger or older than you? Identifying your audience can bring you one step closer to figuring out what your mission in life should be.

9. Ascertain Your Optimal Moments

It is important to find out when you shine and experience your optimal moments. Those times are when you are acting mature, having fun, sharing your passions with others, making a difference in the world and growing and developing as a person. These factors are directly related to achieving your mission in life.

10. Identify Your Belief System

The final step in this process is to identify your belief system. Along with your values, your beliefs are one of the most important factors correlating to your mission in life. What do you believe in? Have your beliefs changed over time? Are you moving toward a new level of belief? You need to ascertain the answers to these questions in order to see how identifying your belief system can help you to find your mission in life.

What steps have you taken in order to identify your mission in life? Have you discovered your mission yet? If so, we’d love to hear about it.