10 Ways You Can Change the World!

Everybody is capable of changing the world. But how is this possible? In order to make a positive impact on the world, you must learn how to live your life to the fullest and constantly be in control of your thoughts and interactions so that you can bring out the best version of yourself. Once you have a certain goal in life, you can work towards achieving your aspirations and making the most out of your life.

The same applies if you want to see a change in other people. That’s when you have to learn how to influence people. Encourage people to see what you see and believe what you believe could make the world a better place for humanity.

So, if you really want to change the world, here is a list of 10 ways to give you inspiration when starting your own world-changing campaign:

1. Volunteer or donate to charity

The first step to making a change is thinking about what truly matters to you and what do you regard as the most valuable ideal in life. Once you have done that, discover a cause that you are passionate about and become a volunteer! Perhaps you could donate money to a charity, organise a fundraiser or start a petition!

2. Travel the world and fight inequality

Make some friends from another country and arrange to visit them travelling around the world. This will not only help you become familiar with different cultural backgrounds but will also make you become more of a well-rounded individual who is in a better position to influence others to follow him towards a common cause. Only when you have come to achieve mutual understanding can you can help get rid of intolerance and xenophobia.

3. Become an ambassador or advocate

Is there a group of people that shares the same values as you do which you would like to represent as an ambassador? Is this group a minority and you would like to raise global awareness? Get involved and become the leader other people are looking for and are willing to follow and fight for what you believe in.

4. Help protect the planet

This is the world you are living in right now. But what’s going to be left in 20 years’ time if you don’t take action to save the planet? Recycle, take your bicycle to work more often, save water and protect endangered animals. Care for the environment and influence others to do the same!

5. Help people you don’t know

Help other people daily by ‘paying it forward’! Do 3 things for a different person every day without being asked to do so or expecting anything in return and then tell them to do the same for another person. Everything is a chain - if you give, they’ll give. Imagine if you could create a world where people helped each other without expecting anything back and the need for getting that satisfaction was greater than the need to make more money!

6. Publish a book

If you are a writer, you could become a professional author and publish your own books. Write about what you are passionate about and share it with the rest of the world! Who knows you might even become famous!

7. Become an educator

If you want to change the world, you can start by educating young people. Offer to help out at your local school or become the mentor of a student you would like to help and teach a subject you are good at such as literacy, art, music, dance or sports!

8. Invent something

The best way to change the world is to become an expert in your field and invent an innovative product or service! Brainstorm until you come up with a unique idea that could work once incorporated in your work – or the work of others and become famous as the pioneer of that product! Take some time and research the world of business – or engineering for that matter and turn your ideas into valuable inventions!

9. Become a celebrity

While this sounds bizarre, it is not impossible. If you want to make your voice heard and influence a big crowd of people you have to be a famous person whom they respect. Emma Watson, for example, has become a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, and she is making her own impact on the world. While you can’t compete with Watson, start by making your own YouTube videos and getting discovered for what you are good at!

10. Become a motivational speaker

Start by preaching what you are passionate about and spread your positivity to people around you by becoming a motivational speaker. Encourage them to take action and start making their own changes that will eventually bring the big change you want to see in the world! People will listen to you and will choose to follow you if what you are talking about directly affects them and the quality of their lives.

The five most valuable ingredients to making a change to the world are passion, project, preparation, people and persistence. Having these in mind will help you make your own impact on world, making it a better place for people to live in!

Without a doubt, there is a lot to be done to make the world a better place. Where would you start from?