10 Worst Businesses to Start in 2013

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1. #1 Distribution Business
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The increased ease of access to manufacturers and the growing dislike of the ‘middle-man’ has meant that distribution businesses are slowly but surely declining, fast.

A staggering 500,000 businesses are set up in the U.S every year. According to reports however, a phenomenal 90% of new enterprises fail – whether through poor management, leadership or execution.

Starting a business is all well and good, but without resources, knowledge, determination, and a hell of a good business idea, you will likely end up on the ‘businesses that failed’ list of 2013.

So how do you know if your business will do well or not? You’re probably thinking if it was predictable, then no business would ever fail, unfortunately no business venture is guaranteed to succeed just like the above named business ventures are not guaranteed to fail. Nevertheless, the 10 business iseas we have listed for you are the most difficult to make a success from in today's marketplace.  So, if your idea falls under one of the categories we list, it's probably better to try out a new business idea!




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