11 Awesome Jobs For Culture Vultures

So you’re a total pop culture addict. You watch countless hours of television, know every single personal fact about any celeb that you could possibly name, are first in line for every film festival in your city, and your bedside table is practically crumbling from the stack of books and magazines sitting there right now. You’re a culture vulture, in other words. You live and breathe anything related to popular and high culture, so why not find a career that allows you to explore your passion? Here are 11 awesome jobs for the truly culture obsessed.

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1. Public Relations Rep

scandal pr

Why not become a public relations rep and literally deal with the celebs and artists that you’re so fond of? It will be a fun and rewarding career that involves long hours and hard work, but the best jobs are often the most difficult. You can’t just walk into a PR firm and demand a job with any old background, you’ll need a certificate in PR or some kind of education in the field, but once you’re certified, you’ll be good to go. You will definitely need people skills and the ability to be pretty persuasive, so if that sounds like you, then what are you waiting for?

2. Entertainment Journalism

For TV and film addicts, becoming an entertainment journalist is exactly what people mean when they say they love their job so much it doesn’t ever feel like work. You’ll be reviewing and writing about the films and TV shows you already love, as well as always discovering some new ones, and you’ll even get to interview actors, directors, screenwriters, and so on. You need journalism training for this career or at the very least an English degree.

3. Netflix Employee

If you’re a culture vulture, you’re probably a fan of Netflix, and that’s probably a major understatement. Netflix has taken the culture world by storm as we’re all hopelessly addicted to its total convenience and star programming like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. So why not get a job at Netflix? You can literally get any kind of job you wish at Netflix, from customer service to working in the legal or marketing departments. Why not apply for this Director of Content Acquisition position? You’ll be the person responsible for choosing what shows get to stream on Netflix. I can’t think of a greater job in the entire world.

4. Stand-up Comic

tommy tiernan stand up comedy

Being a stand-up comic is a pretty fun job, not to mention funny (bad joke, sorry). It doesn’t take much skills or education besides high school, and it’s a great job if you want to be able to go to bed at 3 a.m. and sleep in every single day of the week. Stand-up comics don’t make a ton of money unless they strike it big, but it’s a good option if you’re into culture because you get to make fun of weird things that you notice in society. You’re doing everyone a public service, basically.

5. Book Reviewer

If you’re a total bookworm, you should put those skills to good use and become a professional book reviewer. If you want a more traditional job, you can work full-time at a newspaper or publication and cover all things related to books, from reviews to author interviews to trend pieces. But you can also freelance and review books for a variety of websites, blogs and publications. It’s a great way to get paid to do what you love best – spend an entire day reading. Total bliss.

6. Food Critic

Food culture is a big part of culture these days, especially with the rise of celebrity chefs, celebrity food bloggers, bestselling cookbooks, and television stars on the Food Network. So why not turn your obsession into a career by becoming a food critic? You will get paid to eat for a living, basically, since you’ll be reviewing tons of restaurants. If that sounds like heaven to you, then you would be right.

7. Television Producer

If you watch TV like it’s your job -- even reality TV -- then why not make it your job? You can become a TV producer and actually create this small screen magic. It’ll be like a dream come true for you. Sure, production work involves long hours on set, crappy craft services food, and no health benefits, but you’re working in the world of TV, so you probably won’t care about the less than amazing parts.

8. Film Festival Rep

Film festivals are all the rage these days, especially since tons of celebs show up for the red carpet premieres of their shows at TIFF, Cannes and Sundance, to name just a few popular festivals. If you’re a true culture vulture and movies are your favorite thing in the world, you can get a job at any film festival whether it’s a major one that would have you traveling for the job or just a local festival in your hometown. There are a number of jobs available, from someone who schedules the films, handles the programming brochures, coordinates the whole festival, etc.

9. Museum Curator

night at the museum

So you’re a bit more of a fancy pants than your typical cultural obsessive. You love art and majored in art history. You’re probably banging your head against the wall, wondering what you can do with your seemingly useless degree besides, well, teaching art history. You’re in luck because you can become a museum curator and be in charge of your workplace’s art. Such power and responsibility. You will literally be shaping the minds of people for decades to come because whatever you do during your time at the museum will most likely last a pretty long time (that’s why it’s a museum, after all).

10. Personal assistant

If you read Us Weekly like it’s your full-time position and want some fame or fortune for yourself, you can at least get the latter by becoming a celeb’s personal assistant. This might not be as much fun as you think – celebs are known for being pretty crazy and demanding – but you’ll definitely have a cooler job than your typical 9-to-5 office slave, so you won’t be able to complain too much.

11. Paparazzi

woman on red carpet

If you’re good at sneaking up on people, hiding in bushes, wearing creepy get-ups like sunglasses and hoodies, then becoming a paparazzi might be right up your alley. The best ones can make $500,000 annually and even if that’s not you, you could get $250 for a picture, which isn’t too bad if that starts adding up. Sure, it’s not the most professional of jobs, but if you’re into celebrity culture, and you want to be a part of that magical, mysterious world, then it’s definitely a god career choice for you.

If you’re a culture vulture, you should seriously consider one of these top 10 jobs. You’ll be happier than ever and get to spend your days dealing with culture, which is what you adore most in the world. And who doesn’t want to get paid to watch movies or TV?

Do you do any of the jobs above? What is it like? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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