11 Awesome Office Hacks to Help you Through the Day

It’s no secret or surprise that most of us are always looking for ways to make things easier. When it comes to that nine to five grind, we love finding new ways to be more proactive and productive at work. Anything to make that strenuous task of work less stressful is always a good thing. To help, here’s a few quick office hacks that can help make your day, a little bit easier.

Some of the tips below are so easy, yet so necessary that will make your dull work days more enjoyable and fun.

1. Sticky Tape Cleaner

If you sit at a desk all day, typing away on your keyboard, you’ve probably noticed it’s starting to get a bit dirty. As well as the normal dust and grime of everyday life, a few of those biscuit and muffin crumbs have probably set up camp in there too. Instead of trying to blow them out or relentlessly smacking your keyboard while holding it upside down try this: Grab a piece of sticky tape and place it along a gap in your keyboard. Press the tape down to make sure it gets a hold of all those nasty bits and pieces hiding in the cracks and then pull it up. If you are someone who gets satisfaction out of seeing all the dirt you’ve been able to get collect then try finding some clear sticky tape to use.

2. Sunglasses Spy

If your office desk makes you sit with your back to a door. then this one is for you. If you can’t see what’s going on behind you it can be hard to know when you’re in the safe zone to do a quick Facebook check or something else that isn’t exactly productive. To help solve this problem. go out and grab yourself a pair of mirrored sunglasses. Prop them up somewhere on your desk and then you will literally have eyes on the back of your head.

3. Google Timer

When you’re working away it can be easy to get distracted. This can mean you easily forget when it’s time to head off to a meeting or take a quick break. You could set an alarm on your phone but sometimes we can become so lost in what we’re doing, that we just ignore it. That or you might be so distracted you instinctively reach out and hit the snooze button. To make sure you really stop when you need to, try using the Google timer instead. Just type “Set timer for ____” into the search bar of your browser and a countdown clock will pop up on your screen.

4. Iced Coffee

If you’re working away in the summer and need to caffeinate yourself but feel it’s too hot for coffee, give this a try. Brew up your normal coffee but before adding any milk sit the cup in a container of cold water and ice until it cools. Then take it out, add ice cubes and your milk. Now you’ve got a refreshing drink that will also give you the energy to keep cracking on for the day.

5. Spice Rack Stationery Organiser

Spice Rack Office Supplies

One of the best parts about working in an office is the amount of stationery you get to be around. The down side of this is trying to organise it all. Things like rubber bands, paper clips and stickers can be hard to organise in normal draws. Most the time they just end up scattered on your desk or on the floor. An easier way to organise them is by buying yourself a spice rack that comes with those little containers. Instead of filling them with spices, you can fill them with all those fiddly little bits of stationery instead, and the mess is gone.

6. Tissue Dispenser and Disposer

Ever had those days where you were sick at work and those used tissues just keep piling up on your desk? To help you get your desk clear grab a full box of tissues and an empty one. Sit them side-by-side and connect them together using two rubber bands. Now you have an easily accessible tissue disposer, so your work colleagues don’t have to be grossed out by the large amounts of snot-covered tissues on your workspace.

7. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Sure coffee is an essential to the working day but so is water. When we get distracted sometimes we can forget to eat and keep ourselves hydrated. To keep yourself on track when it comes to topping up your fluid levels try this trick. Grab your water bottle and a label maker. Print out a few different hour increments on your label maker and stick them to your bottle. These points mark where your water level needs to be at these hours in the day. This should help ensure you’ve drunk a whole bottle of water by the end of the working day.

8. Mark Your Tapes

Whether it’s masking tape, or clear packing tape it can be extremely annoying when you’re trying to use it but you can’t find the end of the roll. To stop this frustration, try this tip next time you finish using it. For masking tape, grab one of those clips that would usually hold together the end of your bread packet. Place it on the end of the tape before you stop using it so you can easily find your place next time you pick it up. For clear packing tape try the same thing but using a paper clip instead.

9. Stale Coffee Solver


If you’re workplace has a communal coffee machine which you always seem to be getting old stale coffee out, here’s a tip for you. Get two Styrofoam cups. Place one upside down either on, or next to the machine. Mark the rim of that cup with the hours of the day. Place the other cup on top of it and draw an arrow on it, pointing at the times. When you make a batch of coffee, align the arrow with the time you’ve made it. That way you or the next person who comes in to grab some coffee knows exactly when it’s made and not gamble with their taste buds.

10. Cereal Box Organiser

Cereal Box Organizer

One of the worst things about having drawers, is that when you need to desperately get something, it always rolls all the way to the back of the drawer.. You can waste so much time scrapping around looking for it. To keep things in place as you open and close your desk draws, use a cereal box. Grab your scissors and get cutting. Start by cutting the box in half from top to bottom. This part you can place inside the draw. You can then use the leftover cardboard to cut up into dividers in whatever way suits your needs.

11. Smartphone Stand

Being a busy worker can mean your phone is constantly vibrating from text messages and ringing from phone calls. Having to continuously look down at your phone to see who’s trying to contact you can get frustrating. You could go out and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a stand for your phone or you could easily make your own. All you need is a cassette case. You might have some lying around your house, as these days we don’t tend to play them. All you need to do is take out the tape and bring the case into work and set it up near your computer screen. Pop in your smartphone and suddenly your neck will start to feel a lot better.

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CV Writing Services
CV Writing Services

If you are looking for a way to make work life easier or just want to try something different at the workplace, then give one of these hacks a go. These hacks won’t just increase your productivity levels, they will also make your work day a little more entertaining.

Do you know of any other helpful tips that we haven’t listed above? Let us know in the comments section below.

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