11 Hotel Perks You Won’t Believe Exist

When extremely rich people travel around the world, they rarely care about the cost of the hotel. Instead, they are willing to spend a fortune on luxurious treats to ensure they enjoy the highest level of comfort and relaxation. Hotel booking website, Hotels4u, compiled a list with the most extravagant and far-fetched perks that super hotels offer to those living the high life. From pet psychics who can examine your pet’s frame of mind to hangover concierges who can help you ease away a nasty hangover, the perks listed in this infographic are both desirable and ridiculous at the same time.

For example, if you are an adventurous kind of person and you are heading to Oman you could arrive in style at the hotel’s entrance by paragliding. Also, if you get lost or find yourself at a secluded secret waterfall in Fiji, then it’s the hotel’s “kidnapping” crew who have to locate you.

Last but not least, unless you are ideologically ‘allergic’ to NASA , The Benjamin hotel in New York offers NASA’s memory foam pillows, to ensure you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

These are just a few perks that come with super-luxury accommodation at the world’s most prestigious hotels. While all this exists, who knows what will come next? Maybe a personal colour therapist or ‘selfie’ photographer? Meanwhile don’t miss this infographic that will surely make you feel jealous of high life holidays!