11 Morning Habits That Can Help You Succeed at Work

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You know you have done a good job at work if you leave the office with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Unfortunately, that feeling is not always felt by many employees. They often notice that they become unproductive all day and still need extra hours to accomplish something.

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This feeling can be traced by how a person spends his morning. If you look at the theory of depleting will-power, published on The Will Power Instinct by Kelly McGonigal, you will learn that will power is strongest during the morning. Explaining that, "the more one uses will power the less active the prefrontal cortex becomes over a short time frame." Because many people don’t use their will power properly, they become inefficient and unproductive.

Will power depletes throughout the day, so if you want to succeed in life, you have to tap into your morning’s strongest energy and create a routine that will make you finish your tasks before the day ends.

So what morning habits will boost your career? Use your will power and do these routines every morning:

1. Read the newspaper

Be informed about the latest news and trends happening around the country. It helps you anticipate problems that might affect your work. It also helps you learn things other than what you already know in your line of work. Also, newspapers help you strike up smart conversations that are useful when building social connections, which as you know help people become successful.

2. Relax and reflect

Studies say that you are prone to rage if you let work affect you early in the morning. This means you should keep away from reading your emails. The smart thing to do is meditate and reflect about life the moment you get to work. This helps you reduce stress and filter negative vibes that will happen in the hours to come.

3. Start work on time

A tardy attendance does not only cut your pay, it also reflects how poor you are with work. Encourage yourself to go to work early, or on time, to ensure that you’ll have a productive day. It may be difficult to get out of your comfortable bed, but remember that laziness won’t help you get a pay rise or promotion.

4. Do free writing

These pre-writing techniques used by authors are also helpful for non-writing jobs. Writing an essay, or a simple journal, helps organize your train of thought. This helps you work effectively. Also, you should start your work with your writing tasks (e.g. email, memo, reports) because doing them at a later time, when you are already tired, won’t make you productive.

5. Anticipate any problems that may arise

Always expect your work to not go as planned. You will definitely meet miscommunications, misunderstandings and arguments when working. If you are not ready for these problems, you will easily lose your focus. Start by keeping your schedule less tight to accommodate any changes. You also have to be mentally agile to cope with changes and stress. Keep your focus to fix problems easily and make your job more efficient.

6. Avoid distractions

It is easy to lose focus during the start of the day, especially when you are working with a lot of employees. Every sound and movement can be distracting, which may break your work pace. If you cannot avoid them, analyze when these things don’t often occur and work during those times. If that is still not enough, there might be another problem that is shaking your focus. It could be because you are so tired or emotionally stressed. Think about the root of this distraction and eliminate it.

7. Don't feel stressed about trivial issues

Sometimes even the tiniest problem irritates us and affects us throughout the day. If it happens, you won’t achieve anything productive. Learn to shut off these nuisances whether it is work related or not. Motivate yourself to focus on your work, rather than things that will only make you stressed. Breathing exercises and stretching can help manage your stress.

8. Stay healthy

Always keep your health in check! No matter how hard you work towards your awaited promotion, you still won’t get it if you spend most of your time in the hospital instead of your office. Start your morning with exercise to wake your body and mind. Follow it with a healthy breakfast to fill your body with energy for the whole day. Note to self: never skip breakfast.

9. Think positive

A happy disposition is always the best way to shove stress away. Stay positive despite the problems you encounter because this builds your confidence to manage all the tasks you need to do. A positive attitude can also foster creativity and improve time management skills- both are important to be successful in any career.

10. Take a break

You are not immortal. You may have so many deadlines to meet, but it won’t make things any better if you overwork yourself to meet all of them. Take a break from time to time to regain lost energy. Your brain and body also consumes a lot of energy even if you are seated, so always be mindful of your body. Having a break is not a sign of slacking off; it actually helps you become a more efficient worker.

11. Socialize with people

The moment you get inside your office, start greeting people. Talk to them for a while and have a friendly discussion. These conversions do not only fire up your morale, they also foster camaraderie among your peers. Talking also helps you relieve stress, improve confidence and boost creativity.

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Remember, your day is determined by how you spend your morning. If you want to have a productive day, and eventually succeed in your career, make these morning routines a habit.