15 Weird and Crazy Job Titles

We are all so preoccupied with getting a job that we rarely consider the actual job title we would like to have. This may come as a shock to many, but some job titles may actually wish you never got the job in the first place! 

Check out the below list of weird and crazy job titles that have really existed at one stage or another!

(Note: data retrieved from Forbes list of weird job titles 06)

#1 Hair Boiler – This job involves boiling animal hair until it curls.

#2 Oyster Floater – Where you ‘float’ oysters in water to free them of any impurities.

#3 Accounting Ninja – By all accounts, this is someone who is tremendously skilled in accounting.

#4 Cheese Sprayer – This job title will see you spraying cheese or butter on popcorn.

#5 Conversation Architect – Surprisingly enough, this job title was given to a Digital Marketing Manager.

#6 Digital Overlord – This is a interesting the name of a website manager!

#7 Chick Sexer – An odd title but nonetheless very real. A chick sexer is someone who determines the sex of chickens.

#8 Animal Colourist – The clue is in the title; a person who dyes animals for movies.

#9 Light Bender – A person with this job title will be responsible for making neon lights.

#10 Beverage Dissemination Officer – A very ‘fancy’ name for a bartender

#15 Chief Biscuit Dunker – One can only assume this person was in charge of dunking biscuits?

What to do it you are offered a job, with a wacky job title?!

job search
job search

If you, like so many others, find yourself in the situation where you are offered a job, but the job title turns you off – don’t panic! There are plenty options available to you:

1.Refuse the job offer based on the job title (this may force them to rethink the title for you).

2.Request in the negotiation of your employment contract a job title which you believe would suit your expertise.

3.Roll with it! Try out the new funky job title; you never know, you might just end up loving it.

Let us know of any crazy job titles you have come across in the comments...