17 Signs Your Home Office Isn't Working For You

When you work from home you’re on a slippery slope of time and space. You’re constantly being interrupted by the beckoning call of your home and family, which cuts into your productivity. That means you end up working on the weekends and even the early hours of the morning before the kids wake up and the dog moans for his morning walk. 

Working from home is certainly not for everyone and requires a huge amount of focus. Here are 17 signs that you’re home office isn’t working properly and you need to adjust your habits:

  1. You complete an entire television series on Netflix in 14 days. Hard working people don’t do that - you know you’ve been sneak-watching during the day if you’re going through shows at that rate.
  2. Your coffee is a piece of art - during work hours. Only baristas have decent coffee at work. Nobody else gets that transcendent taste from 9-5.
  3. You spend time on "Lost" forums. It’s like trying to untangle a warehouse full of yarn. It’ll never make sense and will only leave you more confused than when you started.
  4. Your friends feel comfortable to call you for favors during the day. People only call when they think they will get a "yes". If they’re calling, it means they assume you don’t have more important work to do.
  5. You eat like a hobbit.
  6. You run errands during the work day.
  7. You’ve been to a weekday matinee in the last 6 months. Matinees, along with tonka trucks ended with your youth.
  8. Your clients are calling about deadlines. This is the kiss of death (or at the very least terminal illness) for any small company. 
  9. You check Facebook more than twice a day. Scratch that. Even office workers check in on Facebook a minimum of 37 times, mostly on toilet breaks.
  10. A nap is a regular part of your day.
  11. You regularly wake up after 9 am. Unless you’re working until 2 am.
  12. You steadily tell people how busy you are. Busy people rarely articulate that they’re busy - they just call it "work", and think it’s business as usual.
  13. You’re in multiple political debates on social media. We all know those things take more time than actually fixing the problems would ever take.
  14. You have tabs opened to all of your favourite websites on your computer. This is a sign that you’re spending more time watching YouTube videos of kittens than actually accomplishing the task at hand.
  15. Speaking of kittens...
  16. Your cat sleeps on your keyboard.
  17. You’re still wearing your PJ’s. At two o’ clock in the afternoon. 

Regardless of your reasons, working from home is hard to manage successfully. It’s not for everyone, and takes laser focus, or at the very least LED light focus. Ideally you will have a specific place and time to do your work. This will allow you to avoid the lure of Netflix and other dastardly distractions. 

Separation is the name of the game. That’s why most people don’t even consider napping with their cubicle comrades - it’s not an acceptable practice in the office environment. If you’re able to craft out a designated time and place to do your work -and stick to it like a wet tongue on a frozen pole - then you’ll be well on your way to get your 40 hours in at the home office. You might just have enough time to watch all of those cat videos on the weekend, too!

Image: Andrel P




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