17 Ways to Make Your Cubicle Awesome

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You’re awesome, so why shouldn’t your cubicle be awesome too? Since you spend about a third of your day slogging away at your desk, your cubicle is like your second home. You don’t keep your house walls and shelves empty and grey (we hope), and you shouldn’t have to deal with drab surroundings while you work. The great thing about your cubicle is that it’s basically a personal canvas just waiting to be decked out with a little help from your inspiration. Show everyone else at work just how awesome you are, by adding some attitude and charm to your little patch of the cube farm.

1. Offbeat Accent Lighting

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Fight back at the fluorescent lights by introducing a vibrance that reflects your unique sense of style. Pull out your trusty old string of college dorm room lights. Pick up a himalayan salt rock lamp (they’re even said to purify the air). Put some steampunk in your trunk or flaunt your inner nerd with a Tetris light. However you choose to throw in the glow, adding unusual light sources will oust some of the drabness im your space. Your cubicle will look positively radiant... just like you!

2. Seasonal Stylings

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Ahh, seasons. There’s always another reason to celebrate right around the corner, so bring your festivity to work with you. Decorate your cubicle for your favorite seasons and holidays to spread some good ol’ fashioned cheer throughout the year. Side note: keep your holiday messages and images fairly neutral to respect coworkers of other backgrounds and faiths, or work together to plan celebrations and decorations that reflect a wide array of holidays. Being too obnoxious about your own personal observed holidays, will only make you less awesome.

3. Sticky Note Mural

Want to spice up your space but don’t get paid enough to purchase fine art? Pick up a variety of colored sticky notes and create a cubicle wall mural! You’ll be crowned the king or queen of clever and chic, when you create 8-bit works of wall art using everyday office supplies.

4. Office Pet

So, you probably can’t bring your dog or cat to the office, but if you can, then you should take advantage of it for the rest of us. The next best thing may be a fish, so if they are allowed in your workplace, you might want to consider getting them their very own fish cubicle (it quite resembles your very own square workspace setup). If zero forms of animal life are allowed and the lack of companionship makes you pouty, bring in your very own stuffed version of an office ’pet’. While it’s a lame substitute to your living, breathing fur-covered bestie, it’ll give you something to pet when you’re feeling the separation anxiety from leaving pet at home.

5. Seats With Swag

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Classic office chairs are nowhere near as stylish as you, and your cubicle awesomeness will surely suffer if you don’t do something about it. A simple solution is to throw a bold or sassy blanket over your chair, which will double as a functional necessity when the thermostat kicks in (or, for that matter, doesn’t). Swap your seat out for an exercise ball or balance stool to work your core while you tackle your to-do list. If you’re going to sit on your butt all day, you might as well look cool doing it.

6. Floor Decor

Don’t neglect your floor... it’s just as much a part of your cubicle, as the walls! A funky rug can add a measure of color and coziness to your cube. If you’re feeling really fresh, advertise your approachability by placing a quirky door mat at the opening of your cubicle. Not only will it add some flair to your floor, it’ll serve as a snazzy spot to wipe your feet, stopping snow, rain and mud in its tracks.

7. IRL Status Updates

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With the Flip It message board you can let all of your coworkers know what you’re up to, without having to speak a word, another accessory that’s not only functional, but also fun. You could also make your own with some colored index cards and a little creativity if you’d like to customize your messages (give yourself the options of "Napping Under The Desk", "Watching Cat Videos", "On A Secret Mission", or "Let’s Get Coffee"... whatever your cubicle-shaped heart desires). 

8. Temperature Taming

full body sweatertodayandtomorrow

Sauna in the summer, frozen tundra in the winter, or vice versa... it’s definitely not fair that you have no control over the temperature in your own workspace, but you can choose to fight back with fashion. Bring in patterned blankets, heated slippers, and handwarmers. Too hot in your cubicle? Ditch your basic desk fan and pick one up that’s absolutely FANtastic (get it?). Look awesome on the outside, feel awesome on the inside.

9. DIY Coffee Shop

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Stop wasting money buying four coffees per day and create your own bite-size brewstation right in your cubicle! It’s cost efficient, convenient, and makes your station look like a mini cafe, which creates cozy vibes. Here’s what you need: a small coffeemaker, or if you’re more of the tea type, an electric kettle, a bag of your favorite caffeinated (or non) brew blend; a basket of non-refrigerated creamers, tea bags and sugar packets; straws and stirrers; and to accessorize, a spoon rest.

10. USB Mini Fridge

mini fridgeThinkgeek

Of course you enjoy your hot morning coffee, but sometimes a chilled beverage (alcohol free, of course) is just what you need to power through your day. You could store your cold can of thirst-quenching goodness in the office fridge and risk having it stolen by a conniving coworker who thinks you won’t notice, or you can protect it by keeping it chilled in the confines of your own three cubicle walls... in your very own USB-powered mini fridge! This is one of the coolest gadgets you can stash in your cubicle.

11. Shut The Front Door


Turn your cubicle into a four-walled office space and give yourself the privacy you deserve by purchasing a room divider. They come in a variety of styles and prices, so pick one that best coordinates with your killer floor decor. If you’re the kind of person who needs to feel separated from others to work efficiently, this may actually help you concentrate. Check your local home furnishings store for options, or grab some construction paper and scissors to craft your own. Doorknob not required.

12. "Door" Bell


If you’re going to have a door, you don’t want people just walking in, do you? Make outsiders notify you of their presence by hanging an office doorbell. The combination of humor and functionality with this little gadget, makes it a must if you want an awesome cubicle.

13. Window Treatments


A huge downside of working in a cubicle? Being confined to a room without a view. While it won’t offer a changing scenery, natural light, or a cooling breeze, a faux window will give you the illusion of openness and a connection to the outside world. Get one for each season and enjoy the beautiful, reality-mimicking views.

14. Posh Plants

posh plantFlowerduet

Your fake window can only go so far in offering the benefits of being surrounded by nature. Adorn your cube with some easy to care for plants. Air plants are popular because they don’t require much attention, they’re small, and they come in many styles. They also happen to be pretty trendy right now, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding some really fun containers for them. 

15. Snack Stash

snack stashAthenna

When those mid-afternoon munchies hit, raid your own personal snack assortment. Add sections to a drawer, use a hanging shoe organizer, or if you’re concerned about food thieves or snack overconsumption, buy a snack safe. Food makes everything better, even work.

16. Deskercise

Work on your lower body while you communicate with clients. Adding desk-appropriate exercise tools to your workspace will get your blood pumping, keep you engaged, and burn off some snacking calories. If you’re not one of the lucky few who has a treadmill desk (sigh...a young professional can dream), you can spring for an affordable mini cycle that fits snugly beneath your desk. Makes sitting all day a little less harmful on your body and great for those calves. 

17. Cubicle Party

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Give the block party, yacht party, and house party a run for their money by throwing a cubicle party! Now that you’ve got the ceiling-to-floor decor, coffee, snacks, and "Party’s Here" status update all in place, it’s time to invite your coworkers in for an open house to show them your incredibly enviable workspace. Hold your party during the lunch hour, because getting in trouble for socializing on the job is not cool. Making your cubicle a welcoming place for visitors can make being at work a little more awesome every day.


Surrounding yourself with decor and conveniences can not only make you feel more comfortable in your cubicle but may, according to Huffington Post, increase your productivity. Now that’s something your boss can smile about. Just make sure all of your decor plans follow your office’s decorating guidelines, so you don’t let your sense of style get you in trouble.