20 Awesome Websites to Waste Time at Work

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Almost everybody wastes time at work, and there’s no denying it. In fact, Salary surveyed 1,000 people and found that a staggering 69 percent wasted time at work by visiting non work-related websites on a daily basis.

And, chances are, you’re doing just that right now.

You’ve come here looking for the best websites to kill time at work. Fortunately for you, we’ve found them for you after hours and hours of research and testing (also known as killing time when we really should be working ourselves).

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1. Virtual Bubble Wrap

There’s something really satisfying about popping bubble wrap, but it’s unfortunately – and inexplicably – frowned upon in the workplace. While bosses have been calling the practice “distracting” in client meetings. Sealed Air Corporation (the makers of the beloved bubble wrap) found that popping bubble wrap for over a minute is equal to the stress relief provided by a 33-minute massage.

Considering that bringing in a roll of bubble wrap to the office might look a bit suspicious, and could inevitably lead to a meeting with human resources, you might want to abandon such plans. But that doesn’t meet you won’t be able to pop any bubble wrap at all. One website offers the perfect solution: virtual bubble wrap.

Stuck in yet another boring meeting? Feeling the urge to slap the sh*t out of Dumb John again? Head over to Virtual Bubble Wrap and start popping!

We’re all probably going to have to start flocking to this site soon, though. Why you ask? Well, Sealed Air made the controversial announcement last month that they had developed a revamped version of bubble wrap – WHICH CANNOT BE POPPED!

Those sick, sick b*stards!

2. Line

This is simply mesmerizing. Also: headache-inducing. Line was developed by Barcinski & Jeanjean and allows you to manipulate a line by moving your cursor. You ultimately can’t help but feel you’re on a never-ending roller coaster.

3. Acrobots

Probably a portmanteau of the words ‘acrobat’ and ‘Autobots’, Acrobots are reminiscent of cheerleaders forming a human pyramid. You can add and remove acrobots, change colours, rotate the window, and alter gravity settings.

While clinging to each other, I imagine one of them crying “Acrobots, unite!”

4. Staggering Beauty


This little fella of a worm wiggles around following your cursor. Violently shake your mouse, and he starts raving like there’s no tomorrow.

5. Draw a Stickman

Probably one of the dumbest yet most awesome games available on the World Wide Web (do people still call it that?), Draw a Stickman does not end there. Using your stickman and an assortment of drawing tools and weapons, you make your way through a fantastical world of evil creatures and ink by solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles. It’s available on a number of platforms, and you can share your stickman with friends!

6. Eel Slap!

This website is the perfect alternative to slapping one of your coworkers or your boss. For one, you avoid getting fired; two, it’s surprisingly calming; and three, think of the money you’ll be saving that you would otherwise spend on anger management classes!

Eel Slap! does exactly what it says on the packaging: you slap someone with an eel.

7. Sanger


If you’re not a fan of cute little puppies (you horrible person), this one’s not for you.

For the rest of you, however, enjoy!

8. Cat Bounce

One for the cat people (mostly myself, to be honest), Cat Bounce is a website of – yes, that’s right – bouncing cats. By clicking on the kitties and throwing them into the air with your mouse, you’ll be in for a pleasant sight (it’s far less violent than it sounds, by the way).

Also, I dare you to click on the “Make it rain!” button. I double dare you!

9. Koalas to the Max

The moment you visit Koalas to the Max, you see no relation whatsoever to the eucalyptus leaf-chomping marsupial. However, when you move your cursor over the circle, it splits into four smaller circles that in turn split into four even smaller circles, and so on and so forth. Eventually, it reveals an image of two koalas.

10. Pointer Pointer

Pointing has never been more entertaining! Simply randomly point your cursor somewhere within the frame, and prepare yourself for the ensuing laughter (and possible addiction)!

11. Giant Bat Farts

Yep. Giant bats farting – for your inner child.

12. Bacon Sizzling

Self-explanatory, really, but you might not want to visit this site if you’re counting the minutes to your lunch break and bacon-packed double-deck sandwich – or if you’re on a diet.

13. Passive Aggressive Password Machine

Enter any password, and the Passive Aggressive Password Machine will be blatantly honest about its strength from “Do you even know what a password is!?” for just a few characters to “Yeah, like you’re going to remember this” for over 50 characters.

14. Fly Guy

Fly around as Fly Guy and do all sorts of weird stuff. You can pop a kid’s balloon, get into a boxing match with a boxer with angel wings, use a copy machine, have tea, and jam with an alien.

15. Hacker Typer

If you’re dying of boredom and feel like freaking out your coworkers, you could pretend to be a hacker on Hacker Typer. Randomly pressing keys on your keyboard generates automatic codes and leads your officemates into thinking you’re really an undercover FBI agent.

16. ShadyURL

Kind of like TinyURL, but instead of shortening URLs, ShadyURL makes them look suspicious and frightening – for example, http://www.5z8.info/facebook-hack_b5f0vn_animated-gifs-of-train-accidents directs users to CareerAddict.com.

This site could come in handy when you really hate your boss and want to freak him into thinking the company’s servers have been hacked. Simply send him the ShadyURL equivalent of an online document, and watch as the terror spreads across his face.

Well, he shouldn’t have passed you up for that promotion after all.

17. FreeRice

If you feel bad about the ShadyURL you sent to your boss, and want to reverse any ensuing bad karma, FreeRice is an excellent way to kill time at work and support a good cause at the same time. An English vocabulary game, owned by the United Nations’ World Food Programme, FreeRice donates ten grains of rice for every answer you get right and provides free education to poverty-stricken countries.

18. The Nicest Place on the Internet

If you’re having a really bad day at work and just feel like killing someone, spending just five minutes on The Nicest Place on the Internet is enough to make you feel better. Users submit videos of themselves sending hugs and messages like “Ur awesome” to people across the world who are in desperate need of some encouragement. You can’t help but come away feeling reenergized and happier. It really is the nicest place on the Internet!

19. Find the Invisible Cow

Just as the name suggests, the objective of this game is to find the invisible cow by moving your mouse across the screen.

20. Shut Up and Take My Money

While there are thousands upon thousands of online shops, none quite match the awesomeness that is Shut Up and Take My Money, which houses all the cool gifts and gadgets in one place. From Super Mario Shy Guy Earrings to Doctor Who Monopoly, Shut Up and Take My Money has your back covered!

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What cool sites do you visit to kill time at work? Let us know in the comments section below!