20 Brilliant Logos That Will Inspire You

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It takes time, effort and outstanding creativity to create a logo that will stand the test of time. The following logos are all brilliantly inspired, and I’ve chosen them because of their cleverness, their simplicity and their outstanding design.   I hope you enjoy them.

     1.   Formula 1

Hopefully it didn’t take you long to spot the number one between the F and the waves.

      2.  Yoga Australia

This is a beautiful logo, and one of my favourites. The ballerina forms the shape of the map of Australia with her leg and her arm.

     3.   Le Tour de France

If you’re a fan of the Tour de France you’ll probably already have spotted this: the letter R doubles up as a tour de France rider bent towards his yellow front wheel.

      4.  Hotel Tonight

The letter H in the logo looks like a bed with part of the H taken off. Clever and simple.

      5.  Hope for African Children Initiative

This one is heart-warming. You will, I’m sure, recognise the map of Africa. On the east and west sides you should be able to make out the profile of a woman and child. 

      6.   Killed Productions

WHO killed letter i?  I don’t know the answer to that, but this is a clever logo that evokes a sense of drama with its dark background and ‘dead’ letter i.

      7.   Amazon

A big brand with a strong logo. The arrow reminds us that Amazon stocks everything - from a to z.

       8.   Flight Finder

A cool logo that  hides an  aeroplane  in the middle of the two Fs.   

       9.  Black cat.  

Ever been spooked by the eyes of a cat in the middle of the night? Have a look at the two cs in this logo.

     10.   Magic coffee.

Is this a conjurer’s hat or is it actually a cup of coffee? Actually, it’s both.

     11.   Code Fish

Another clever logo – this one uses code language to create the skeleton of a fish.

     12.   FedEx. 

Look carefully at this one –  there’s an arrow hidden in the lower empty space between the  E and the x.

     13.   Evernote.

I will admit some bias here because I can’t imagine life without my Evernote. Still, its elephant won’t let you forget it in a hurry.

     14.   The Guild of Food Writers.

Did you see the spoon hidden in the nib of the pen?

post vacancies
post vacancies

     15.   Olympics.

I’ve included this iconic logo because of its simplicity and the meaning inherent within it. The five interconnecting circles represent the five continents of the world, all united in the spirit of the Olympics.

     16.   Cisco.

Cisco’s logo depicts the two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge and uses digital signals to form the shape of the bridge. The more astute of you will link the “cisco” to San Francisco, where the company was founded.

    17.   Innocent.

It’s as if butter wouldn’t melt.  No naughty ingredients in their products. An angel’s delight.

    18.   Spartan Golf Club. 

If I had to choose my top three logos out of this list of twenty, this one would be on the list. Is the image of a Spartan wearing a helmet?  Is it of a golfer? What do you think?

    19.   Gett. 

Simple and accessible, this great logo is a nod to  the traditional experience of hailing a cab.

    20.   Sun microsystems.

Have a look at the chip next to the “Sun microsystems” wording. No matter which way you look at it, you read the word “SUN”.

If you’re in need of some design or creative inspiration, these logos should help kickstart your creative process. They either incorporate a deeper meaning in their design or are quite brilliant, visual representations of their name.
Let me know if there are any logos I’ve missed which you feel should be in this list. If you’ve enjoyed this post, please share it and leave any suggestions in the comments below. Thanks!




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