20 Ways to Force Employees Out The Front Door

Even the best managers have their faults, and it is only with making mistakes along the way that you learn how to become a respected leader of your employees. Unfortunately, numerous managers find themselves being the cause of workplace stress and employee anxiety due to their poor leadership, nonexistent communication skills and unapproachable character.

If you want to avoid losing your staff then it is vital that you conduct regular employee appraisals, make time to help and support your staff, set clear boundaries and work targets, and be approachable and personable to encourage your employees to come to you with any issues they may have. If not, you may find that they walk out on you as a manger, thereby affecting the entire company.

Here are 20 things that will see your staff walking out the front door and never returning!

#1 Consistently set unachievable deadlines

#2 Force your staff to work overtime with no extra pay

#3 Don’t offer rewards, incentives, bonuses or employee appraisals to recognize their hard work and dedication

#4 Cap overtime pay and salary increases

#5 Reduce salaries to cover company costs

#6 Micromanage staff and constantly check up on them

#7 Criticize and upset staff without being constructive

#8 Fire employees without warning or cause

#9 Never listen to your employees or consider their opinions

#10 Penalizestaff for failing to meet deadlines

#11 Blame all mistakes on your employees even if it is your fault

#12 Belittle your staff and make them feel insignificant

#13 Break promises

#14 Make important decisions based on biased views and favoritism

#15 Be a contender rather than a moderator in office disputes

#16 Place yourself in competition with your staff

#17 Create new rules as and when you please, without informing others

#18 Break your own office rules as they only apply to staff

#19 Keep your distance with your staff and be as unapproachable as possible

#20 Don’t pay your employees on time, or at all!