2014: The Year of the IT Crowd

A number of jobs are on the rise in 2014, meaning that the many people filling these jobs are earning more money and finding more opportunities. Healthcare, finance, and construction are among these jobs, but the IT sector is another good career path to consider.

IT jobs may seem dead-end and frustrating, but 2014 promises to be a bright year for the IT person. Career website Dice reported that 73% of surveyed companies planned to hire more IT professionals, while 24% of companies said they would hire a substantial number of candidates. Jobs are becoming plentiful in the IT sector, meaning those looking for IT jobs will have more options to choose from.

Salaries offered to IT professionals will be on the rise in 2014 as well, according to the Salary Guide released by Robert Half Technology. An average 5.6% increase in salary may not sound like much, but for those working the IT jobs, it's definitely a lucrative prospect.

For mobile app developers, business intelligence analysts, wireless network engineers, and technical engineers, a salary bump of 7 to 8.4% can be expected this year. For computer operators, mainframe systems programmers, and operations managers, the salary increase will only be between 2.5 and 2.9%.

According to the Salary Guide, New York City is the best place for IT professionals to work. Long Island follows closely behind, with San Francisco, San Jose, and Boston ranking third, fourth, and fifth, respectively. Cities in Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Iowa offered the lowest salaries for IT professionals.

Companies are placing a greater importance on hanging onto the IT professionals that already work for them. In 2013, more than 40% of employees saw a rise in counter-offers from outside companies, but 34% rejected those job offers--preferring to stick with the company where they have been working for years.

More and more companies are offering perks to their IT professionals, with the goal of keeping them in the company. These corporate perks often mean more to employees than the salary, as they promote quality of life in a way that a monthly paycheck cannot. The perks also help companies to stand out from their competitors, preventing their highly-trained IT staff from taking better job offers from other companies.

Some of the perks offered include access to healthier food, covering the costs of personal and educational development opportunities, initiatives to promote environmental responsibility, family leave policies that have become more and more generous, and even the opportunity to travel.

The five best careers for IT in 2014 are listed below:

  1. Administration - CIOs can pull in up to $246,000 this year, while Vice Presidents of IT can earn $196,000. Chief Security Officers can expect earnings up to $189,000, while Chief Technology Officers can rake in over $205,000.
  2. App Development -Applications Architects can expect a salary as high as $148,000, managers may pull in up to $142,000, while mobile app developers can net as much as $144,000 in 2014.
  3. Consulting and Systems Integration - Directors of this department may be able to earn $169,000, while Senior IT Auditors may net $146,000. Practice Managers can earn anywhere from $113,000 to $155,000.
  4. Data/Database Administration -A Data Warehouse Manager is set to earn up to $154,000 this year, while Data Architects can net $153,000. Those with knowledge of MySQL can add a 10% increase to their salaries.
  5. Internet/E-Commerce - Senior web developers may earn as much as $135,000 in 2014, and e-commerce analysts may net $114,000. Web developers earn a bit less--just $113,000.

It's a good year to be in the IT game, and those with skills in this industry may find that life gets just a bit better for them in 2014!