2014: The Year of the Start-Up

With a seemingly endless economic crisis, lack of job security and uncertainty in the employment market, an increasingly large number of people in the UK are trading their everyday 9 -5 employment routines for a more hands-on, entrepreneurial career path.

Over the past five years, the number of start-up companies in the UK has skyrocketed and astonishingly, in 2013 alone, the number of new businesses in Britain broke the half a million barrier.

This recent growth in start-up companies has benefited from strong government support with advice, assistance and financial access schemes being introduced to actively encourage people to take the initiative to start new ventures - by helping to nurture start-ups, it is expected that levels of employment will increase and therefore, boost our somewhat fragile economy.

Last year, lots of young and innovative companies began their quest for commercial and financial success, but who will thrive this year? Here are two relatively fresh go-getters to look out for in 2014…

Popup Cinema

Everybody loves a great film and going to the cinema to see a long anticipated blockbuster movie is something we all enjoy from time to time. But when wanting to see something a little more obscure in a cinematic environment, it can seem almost impossible.

Popup Cinema helps bring the latest and very best independent films to the masses by offering people all over the country (whether it be a major city or a small rural town without a picture house!) to obtain a licence to screen a brand new film anywhere, anytime. The business model is simple - sign up, apply, select a film and once it’s sent, get people together in a bar, classroom, village hall etc. to create your very own cinematic experience. As their popularity grows, Popup Cinema is setting its sights on the US and beyond! Watch this space!


Planning an off the cuff night out can be truly exciting, but with convoluted online booking processes and long-winded instructional jargon, it can make the whole process completely arduous, turning a potentially great time into a tedious chore.

Boasting a tight-knit team of entertainment experts, YPlan curate a shortlist of the very best events happening in your local area every night and by using their eye-catching and easy to use app, it is possible to book tickets in a mere two clicks. This spontaneous approach to organising an exciting night out has really started to catch on and having recently received a whopping $12 million investment from their New York launch, like Popup Cinema, YPlan are also looking to conquer the United States. Keep a keen eye out for these guys!

As you read this, more and more people are making plans to unleash their fresh and revolutionary ideas to the public - some will fail, some will prevail but either way it’s fair to say that despite a tough economic climate, 2014 is set to be an exciting time for business in the UK.

Bring on 2014!