23 Ways You Take Risks Every Day [Video]

You might not know it yet, but you are an everyday daredevil. According to BuzzFeed, you take risks on a daily basis but you don’t realise it. When you are driving on an empty tank of gas or checking social media while you are at work, you are taking huge risks that can change your whole life.

You don’t really care! After all, you are such a badass you would even wear a white shirt and eat spaghetti! But, no matter how awesome you are, you still stutter every time you talk to that cute girl in the office. Ok, so you aren’t quite James Bond, but no traffic lights will tell you when to cross the road. Yeah, take that establishment!

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Check out the video to see if you identify with any of the 23 signs of being an everyday daredevil that BuzzFeed highlight in the video.

Do you consider yourself as a risk-taker? Let me know in the comments section below…