25 Facts And Myths About The Rockefeller Family


The Rockefeller family are considered one of the most influential, powerful and wealthy families in history. Although their wealth has never actually been accurately gauged, their influence in the arts, politics and academia is profound, deep and evident. Of course with any family with a global scope of influence in those sectors, both myth and theories have developed around their name. Some are realistic like the attempt to monopolize the oil industry, others a bit more farfetched like the Titanic being sunk by the family for financial gain. Others seem like they were devised during a fever dream that was soaked in an absinthe binge, i.e. one that stipulates that the Rockefellers are actually members of a subterranean lizard race that seeks to destroy humanity. Here are some myths and a few facts about the most powerful family in the world.

The Family’s great-grandfather was a con-artist and was married twice, at the same time

John D. Rockefeller was the man that began the family’s innumerable fortune, investing initially in Standard Oil and then diversifying. His father on the other hand, preferred to diversify his genetic material. Not only was he a snake-oil salesman, he was also married to two women at the same time (while he had his live-in housekeeper as a mistress), he also posed as an ear and eye specialist using a pseudonym. Well, some have more humble beginnings than others.

The Rockefellers (David specifically) founded the Tri-lateral Commission

They are also the Bilderberg Group and G30 (Group of Thirty) members, which are groups of people of high influence in the field of economics, academics and world politics which brings us to our next point.

Some believe that the Rockefellers are Illuminati and are trying to create a N.W.O.

If you are uninitiated to the dogma of conspiracy, the New World Order is the attempt to bring to power a global totalitarian government. The people that will do this are the financial elite, indoctrinated into the order of the Illuminati, a secretive group that is said to hail from the massively financially powerful Knights Templar. Conspiracy theorists have “linked” the Rockefeller family to shadowy happenings including 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination.

It is a little shadowy though

The Rockefeller Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation that has many accolades including funding the development of a yellow fever vaccination and creating the first schools of public health at John Hopkins and Harvard. Unfortunately they also have been linked to the Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Advancement of Science, that developed weapons during WWI and WWII. Oh, and there was also that little (see horrifying) funding of the Josef Mengele’s (the Auschwitz doctor known better as ‘The Angel of Death’ for his human experimentation) mentor and boss, Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer’s research in eugenics, which is basically ‘cleaning’ (or the stomach-turning ‘racial hygiene’) of the human species by not allowing ‘undesirables’ to procreate. Oh, and they also funded the American Eugenics Society, that had more or less the same agenda (but changed into the equally bile churning Racial Betterment).

John D. Rockefeller celebrated the day he got his first job

Not only did John D. Rockefeller (the man that started it all) celebrate the day he got his first job every year, he revered it more than his birthday. He believed that his first job as a 16 year old book-keeper was instrumental to the accumulation of his wealth and power.

They fund many, many prestigious academic institutions

Not only did John D. found the University of Chicago, but they also funded a total of seventy five world-class institutions including most Ivy League Universities. I kind of feel obligated to mention that this seems a little too, good-ole-boy system-y to me…but that’s just my opinion; feel free to make your own conclusion.

They might be going green

Recently the family that built their empire on fossil fuels and greenhouse gases said that they are looking to divest their fossil fuel investments and reinvest them into green energy solutions. Don’t think their doing it for the good of the planet, they’re not patchouli wearing hippies, it’s a phenomenon called Environmental Capitalism, and it happens when the interests of industry and commerce intersect with the preservation of the environment due to the depletion of resources. Because no resources = no industry.

When Standard Oil was established

When Standard Oil was established it held an insane 95% of the oil market globally. After the company was taken to court for Monopoly charges and the passing of anti-trust legislation, the company was split up into 34 other companies, including Exxon, Mobil and Chevron.

That bastard backed prohibition!

Mr. D. Rockefeller was a prominent member of the anti-saloon league, pushing for prohibition of alcohol in the United States.

The First

John D. was also the world’s first billionaire. Duh.

They stay under the radar

Although there are more than 200 members of the Rockefeller dynasty, they stay far away from the public eye, except certain members. David Rockefeller, the last surviving grandchild of the original Big D, is currently CEO of the JP Morgan Chase bank, and is probably one of the most visible members. Some have delved into politics with Nelson Rockefeller becoming Vice President during Gerald Ford’s incumbency.

It is said that they are part of a global shadow government

Much like the scene below from Dr. Strangelove, people of great influence sit around a large round table in a war room or situation room, some people believe that the Rockefeller’s sit on the real world equivalent, but on a global scale. Their agenda is global domination and the proliferation and expansion of their influence, fortune and power.

The Rockefeller Patriarch didn’t fight

Not that he was a pacifist that is, he just didn’t want to participate in the Civil War, so what did he do? He paid for a substitution soldier to fight in his place, which was apparently a thing back then. The rich profit during the war and the poor die takes a whole new much darker meaning.

The Federal Reserve suspicions

Nelson Aldrich was a Politian pushing for a centralized banking system in the early 1900’s and established two commissions to research the American monetary system and Europe’s central-banking system and report on back to Aldrich. The thing is that Aldrich not only had ties with both the Rockefeller’s and the Morgan’s (both having very powerful financial institutions to this day), he was actually married to John D. Rockefeller’s daughter. So you can understand how a non-competitive, all-encompassing regulated interest rate would benefit the aforementioned, right? Aldrich even pushed for the board of directors to be composed completely of private institutions without any government “interference”. Which in layman terms means regulation.

Google search: Do the Rockefellers… and you will get:

DO THE ROCKEFELLERS WORSHIP SATAN? OH MY GOD! Oh…excuse me I think I just peed my pants from laughing so hard.

More Insanity

Yep, the title of this video is literally: Rockefellers upcoming genocide Satanic Rockefellers HAARP torture must see secret love sexy your welcome.

They Pushed hard for the World Trade Center, so they must be at fault for 9/11

I’m not even going to justify this….I’m so done after that video.

Listening to a P.R. person, John D. gave everyone he met a dime

And this was back in the early 1900’s which would probably be the equivalent of 100,000 dollars in today’s money. Actually, it’s about a dollar twenty-five.

He even gave one to Firestone

Yeah, that Firestone, the tire maker which was actually a millionaire when they met. He still got a shiny dime.

That same PR campaign launched the Rockefeller Foundation

So from being known as America’s most Ruthless Man, Rockefeller became known as a philanthropist by the end of his life. 

The con artist’s great-great-great Grandfather

I mentioned it before, but I’m kinda grasping at straws and really I have navigated the deepest crevasse of internet crazy and although amusing at the time, I’m kind of over it. Here’s what I’ve got: their great-great-great grandfather’s nickname was Devil Bill Rockefeller.

There is at least one conspiracy that’s true

Back when John D. was starting his oil gig, he signed an agreement with the railroad owner (and fellow plutocrat), Thomas A. Scott and signed a secret agreement to over-charge Rockefeller’s competitors, while giving him a hefty discount for a bit of the oily action.

J.D. started a war

Because of the aforementioned ‘gentlemen’s’’ agreement, a small retaliatory ruckus turned into a full blown war uncreatively known as the Oil Wars. But ole Johnny D. still kept his fingers in the railroad honey pot and his competitors would regularly ‘mysteriously’ ‘lose’ freight.


This should have all the conspiracy nuts in hysterics, but the Rockefellers were bankrolled by the other Illuminati, Templar, Satanist, New-world-order-ists, the Rothschilds to expand their oil-thuggery into Europe.

The Bohemian Grove

OK, one last pinch of crazy as I send you on your merry little way. The Bohemian Grove is a campground. Yet once a year for two weeks it accommodates the most powerful men in the world. I think they just go there and party their plump (from sitting on their money) asses off. Why don’t they do it with 99%ers you ask? What would you talk about? Their money? Their Yacht? Well, when these guys are together they can talk to each other about their latest and most ridiculous purchases without being afraid that they’d be rage-murdered because of their privilege. Even their motto states: Weaving Spiders Come Not Here. The hell if I know, what that means, but it’s a cool motto, because Spiders.

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