25 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Potential [Infographic]


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

Figures published earlier this year showed that creative industries in the UK are worth £76.9 billion a year to Britain’s economy. So creativity is big business. Creativity encourages us to be inventive, entrepreneurial, and innovative.

With creativity we can solve problems; even the most intractable ones. Creative thinking is an increasingly in-demand skill, needed more than ever to solve 21st-century problems such as how to make the complex simple.

If you look at some of the world’s most successful companies such as Apple or Google, you are buying products that are the result of the creative contributions of hundreds of thousands of developers. Both companies have a culture, business model and development approach that enables a creative multiplier that really differentiates them. Their leaders encourage disruptive innovation, encourage their teams to jettison outdated approaches and take (calculated risks). These leaders are open and transparent and work hard to create cultures conducive to creativity.

Most Companies Are Not Creative

Unfortunately, as human beings we tend to favour the status quo, which is a real barrier to creativity. Furthermore, as we grow older, it is more difficult to think creatively because thinking patterns become so entrenched and comfortable. But the good news is that creativity is not the domain of the chosen few. Creative thinking can be developed with practice and this infographic highlights a scientific approach to developing your creative thinking and suggests a number of strategies that will help unlock your inner creativity.

Highlights include the following:

  • Why creativity is so important
  • The characteristics of creative people
  • How to encourage creativity at work

There are some interesting themes to the strategies suggested. To be creative, you’ll need to be willing to fail, take risks, question, be different and stand out.

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Why not have a go at some of the suggested strategies and see what works for you? Let me know how you get on - use the comments box below!




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