3 Amazing Success Stories

Yeah, yeah, yeah we all know about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and even Mark Zuckerberg but do you know about Roni and Ken Di Lullo and their patented Doggles, or goggles for dogs? Of course you don’t, you’re only impressed by big name billionaires. Beyond the shocking success of goggles for dogs these are a few more amazing success stories.

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1. AirBnB

AirBnB is a service which allows users to offer their homes or rooms in their homes for short-term rentals as an alternative to high priced hotel lodgings. Reinforcing the axiom “necessity is the mother of invention” Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia not being able to afford their loft in San Francisco, decided to convert their space into a makeshift Bed and Breakfast, accommodating guests on air mattresses and preparing homemade breakfasts for their lodgers. After having trouble with initial funding, the industrious duo produced limited edition cereal “Obama O’s” and “Captain McCain’s” selling them for $40 a box, eventually making a total of $30.000. This became the first investment in today’s 25.5 billion dollar company.

2. Ben & Jerry’s

So, you’d think the founder of one of the biggest ice cream franchises to have honed his palate to laser like precision and you’d be wrong because Ben Cohen (the Ben of Ben & Jerry’s) has a condition called anosmia, which causes a complete loss of taste and smell. You’d also assume that at least one of the two founders would have a culinary art degree and again you’d be wrong because Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield completed a correspondence course in ice cream making from Pen State Creameries. You’d assume that they sold their infinitely popular ice cream for premium prices establishing a loyal customer base and if you still haven’t figured it out you’d be wrong again. In 1986, Ben & Jerry’s launched its Cowmobile-a modified mobile home- which toured the U.S. giving away free scoops of their ice-cream.

3. Juicy Couture

I doubt there is anything more aesthetically offensive than a velour tracksuit. It’s actually offensive on a functional level, too, because why would you run in a tracksuit that makes swishy noises and/or can spontaneously ignite from inner thigh friction? Well, no matter what type of offensive it is, Juicy Couture’s velour and terry cloth tracksuits have adorned many  sorority girlies and soccer moms’ (which technically are just sagging, aging sorority girls with mini-vans, right?) bottoms with the metallic (and also offensive) “Juicy” moniker. The company today rakes in a respectable $19.5 million. The duo of Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor started the company for $200 and didn’t get paid a salary for two years which isn’t as inspirational if you consider Gela Nash gets the “Taylor” part of her name from Duran Duran’s John Taylor that has a net worth of about $30 Million. Pamela Skaist gets the “Levy” part of her name from Director, Producer and Writer Jefery Levy which has worked on the Expendables, the T.V. movie, and yes, that’s a thing.

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