3 Career Growth Tips for Working Moms

Working mothers often find it difficult to progress in their career as they are in the constant battle to balance their work and home life. It is imperative to give yourself the time and make the effort to clearly define the direction of you career in order to ensure that it grows at your desired pace. It is imperative that you develop as a professional as this provides a high level of confidence and job satisfaction.

Here are 3 ways that working moms can ensure that they experience career growth:

#1 Create a List of your Career Goals

As a working professional, it is advised to take the time and contemplate how you want your career to progress. Working moms should make a list of where they want to see themselves in 5 years and try to achieve that. Whether it is learning new skills or taking new courses, working mothers should take the initiative to identify the basic outline of their career’s progress. For example: In 2 years time, I should be at a managerial position. This simple goal indicates what the goal is and when it should be accomplished by.

#2 Explore Options within your Industry

Many working moms prefer to stay within the same job and progress within their current company.
This is because they are not comfortable to make the leap to a new work environment and face the adjustment period when they already have a work-home life to balance. It is recommended that you don’t let your home life determine your career progression as working in a new environment can be motivating as well as inspiring. Don’t be afraid to take risks and explore your career options, instead you should discover different opportunities within your industry to experience career development.

#3 Make it Happen!

Once you have defined where you wish to see your career go, you should establish a deadline to make it happen. Without a time limit, working mothers are disadvantaging themselves as they do not have the rush to achieve their goals. You have the control over your professional growth so make sure that you take the steps to make it happen. Set your goals and work hard to achieve them – who says you can’t have it all?!




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