3 Cool Psychological Marketing Tricks You Can Use

Marketers use all sorts of ways to convince people to buy whatever they’re selling. Even if you think you’re too intelligent to fall for any of those tricks, the chances are you’ve already fallen for them. And this is why they’re so effective. People don’t even know they’re there.

In this article, we’re going to reveal three of the most common marketing tricks used by people looking to convince you to buy something. Let’s take a look at how you can put these techniques into practice yourself.

  1.       Repetition

Everyone knows about repetition and the rule of three. It was used most famously by the Nazis prior to World War II to take control of Germany of that time. Another example of its effectiveness appeared in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology where Kimberlee Weaver discovered if three people in a group offer the same opinions 90% of the group will agree with said opinions.

It’s human nature to want to follow the crowd, and this is where you can begin to take advantage. Here are a few methods for using repetition:

  •          It can’t be obvious. When the repetition is clear and self-serving, people will switch off.
  •          Use repetition in multiple contexts to disguise the use of repetition.
  •          Think about influencing people early on issues that aren’t immediately self-serving. Making your audience think in a certain way can boost marketing campaigns you haven’t even come up with yet.
  1.       Add Reasoning

Adding reasoning to something makes the original statement more persuasive. The easiest way to think about this is like this:

 “Can I use the paper for a second?”

“Can I use the paper for a second BECAUSE I need to check on something before my job interview? 

Which one sounds more convincing? 93% of people are more likely to be persuaded with the second statement over the first one. You’ve created a genuine need. In many ways, the first statement is a command. It’s acknowledging the person isn’t worth a reason, and this isn’t the impression you want to create.

There’s nothing technical to talk about here. Whenever you’re asking something of the customer, give a reason as to why you want them to do that. This is especially important when you’re asking for something that might inconvenience the customer.

  1.       You Have Free Will


One of the easiest tricks is to remind people that they have free will. Frequently, marketers fail to do this. They talk down to their customers, and often they don’t realise they’re doing it. They’re so focused on controlling people that they’re inadvertently putting people off through their actions.

The numbers don’t lie. 22,000 people were studied. When these people were reminded that they have free will, they were twice as likely to agree to something. There’s absolutely no difference between reminding someone that they’re free to do something and telling them they aren’t obligated to do something. The effect is the same.

Nobody on earth wants to be told that they have to do something. When someone feels like they’re being controlled, they will push back, even if agreeing to what you offer is a good decision.

It doesn’t take much to add a line telling people that they’re free to do something. Get into the habit of including it every time you write marketing copy or pitch your product.

Overall, these three marketing tricks aren’t particularly special. We can see evidence of them every day. Their simplicity is the main reason why marketers forget about them. Make sure you’ve included them in every marketing presentation you do. You’ll soon see an increasing number of people saying yes!

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