3 Essential Templates for Microsoft Word

microsoft word

Microsoft Word is easily one of the most widely used word processing programs in the United States. Students use it, professionals use it—hell, I’m using it right now to type this article!

Even with the changes to Windows (some of which we despised), Word has always been a reliable tool that has only become more efficient for professionals, bloggers, students, etc. Did you know that you can post blogs straight from Word? Never again will you have embarrassing typos or strange grammar.

Blog posting aside, the variety of uses for Word is nearly infinite—as are the templates available for numerous projects such as business letters, resumes, and reports.  


Not everyone is able to draft a creative, professional, or even well-formatted letter. In fact, I often struggle between being crafty and creative or sounding more professional. Well, with these templates, most of the guess work is eliminated. Most templates have everything you need, and all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

You can create things like your business’s letterhead, a letter to a friend, and even functional cover letters (it’s even called Functional Cover Letter and pairs up with the Functional Resume, if you’re in to matching items).  Each is formatted in a clear and concise way while still allowing you to customise things like fonts and colors.


Whether you’re a professional or a student, Word offers templates a wide variety of reports that can become unique and engaging with your customisations. I know that when I first entered the workforce, I was simply thrown into my work without any training in project management or reporting. Scary, right? I was terrified.

However, most of the stress went away when I discovered that Word has templates for reports, which means I don’t look like an idiot when crafting important documents—especially when those documents are reviewed in front of a team during meetings or during performance reviews.

Plus, more often than not, these reports are formatted in such a way that most of your co-workers will think you’re some Word Wizard. Some have images, though you can always choose to remove or replace them with something like your company logo.

Students can also find templates such as the MLA and APA style templates for academic writing.


Resumes are one thing that almost every professional has trouble with at one point or another. Whether you’re fresh out of college or returning from an extended period of unemployment, resume formatting is one of the most important parts of the entire job search. Without it, hiring managers are far more likely to simply pass you over, especially if the formatting isn’t clear and doesn’t provide for the most efficient scanning.

What’s even better is that all of the Word resume templates allow for a one-page layout, which is what most hiring managers prefer. Some of the templates allow for a timeline layout, and there’s even a CV template available (remember, a curriculum vitae is very different from a cover letter).  

The best part about all of this?

These templates are completely free to use as long as you have Microsoft Word. You can choose between the provided templates from Microsoft directly, or even download third-party templates if you can’t find something you like in the store. Just remember that downloading third-party anythings can be very risky, and you should download only from trusted sources.