3 Great Recruiting Ideas

Do you want to recruit the best talent out there?...Then we have three out-of-the-box ideas for recruiting success that will help your team grow in the best way possible.

One of the ultimate goals of a good leadership team is to attract the brightest and best people to join your organization. But, this is no easy task as it requires a seriously creative recruiting effort.

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Sometimes, the best talent out there is already employed somewhere else. So, how do you attract the attention of employees who are not looking for a new job? You use these out-of-the-box recruiting ideas to inspire your own recruiting strategies.

Here are three of the most unique recruiting ideas (that actually work).

1. 15-Second Crazy Commercials

guy juggling

People love going to movies, so a great idea is to buy 15-second spots and play some commercials before movies. You don’t need to spend an enormous amount of money, just use your current employees and ask them to get involved by submitting 5-second videos of them performing a dumb, yet cool talent!

The entire commercial would purely consist of the little clips of your employees performing these random skills, your company logo flashing on the screen with a slogan like “Featuring the Elite Talent of Our Company” and then prompting viewers to showcase their own unique talents by applying to your company. Everyone will be curious to check your recruiting website out, and in the process be informed about all the available positions!

The best things? The response will be high; the cost will be low, and it will also boost employee morale by making them feel like a part of the campaign.

2. Mobile Hiring Center


As mentioned in the introduction, the target group is mostly people who are already employed somewhere else. If you already know companies in your area that are likely to have a similar (or even better) culture than yours with great experience then why not reach out to them?

You could do it by taking an old RV, fixing it up to create your own mobile hiring center and then driving it to the parking lots of these “famous” companies. You could hand out flyers to a huge number of employees to let them know about your available positions and job requirements.

3. Rent a Billboard

Renting out big billboards near busy areas which are close to your company is another clever way to inform people about any available positions. Just make sure that the imagery is catchy and fun so that it attracts people’s attention. Keep the words to a minimum and ensure your web address is also very easy to memorize so that people can look you up as soon as they go home. This can be a bit expensive, but it can also be the most effective and creative recruiting idea for your business.

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Each of these unique recruiting ideas can help your company grow by hiring excellent employees that would otherwise never find out about your available recruiting options.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.




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