3 Jobs in Asia that are Surprisingly Well Paid

Tired of the employment doom and gloom being experienced in your home country? Thinking of relocating overseas for a new career challenge? Then consider Asia as your continent of choice!

Asia – the largest continent in the world, has recently emerged as one of the greatest and most profitable places on earth to find employment. So while Europe continues to experience employment problems continent-wide, why don’t you browse through this list of weird yet high-paying jobs that you could land in Asia? Who knows, you could be on the next plane to India before you know it...

Submarine chef

As one of the highest paying jobs in the world, a career as a submarine chef is not for the faint hearted. You will spend countless hours beneath the sea in a claustrophobic environment, where you will be required to prepare 3 meals a day for a number of people.

A great deal of responsibility is involved with this job. You will be feeding many mouths under a tight schedule and must ensure before departure that you have all of the necessary ingredients to make the meals. You will also be responsible for maintaining high food standards at all time.

Oil and gas diver

Another incredibly difficult yet rewarding job, an oil and gas diver is required to dive deep depths beneath the ocean to research various sites where oil is being extracted. The work is physically and technically demanding, while workers spend long periods of time away from their families.


Though yoga has been practised for thousands of years, the last decade has seen a dramatic increase in people interested in it. As a result the potential to make money by working as a yoga teacher has increased significantly, and if you learn how to correctly market yourself, you could be on your way to becoming very successful indeed.