3 Key Components to Getting Your Social Network Buzzing

Social Media

Social media hangout is similar to the ‘water cooler’ at the office where the buzz can be heard. People turn to social media sites to gather information about a company and its products and to see what others have to say about the company brand. To be an influential business leader in the industry, companies should take significant actions such as joining the appropriate networks, introducing new techniques to engage their target audience and strategically posting fresh content. Having a social media presence is not going to be enough. It must be backed by a systematic approach.

Running Campaigns

To introduce new methods of engaging customers, you should implement monthly campaigns using a variety of themes, which may be associated with seasonal, calendar and promotional events. Use these campaigns to give customers more clear-cut data about future plans for your company brand. Great examples include:

  •          Surveys
  •          Polls
  •          Voting
  •          Challenges or Contests
  •          Quiz
  •          Video Clips
  •          Giveaways
  •          Crowdsourcing

Be sure to include images, videos, photographs and additional content. Use innovative methods to gain the attention of your customers. For example, Oreo launched a campaign consisting of 30-second video clips that showed what would take place when several people got their hands on an Oreo cookie. The video clips included celebrity artists and ordinary people singing the praises of the Oreo-cookie-eating experience. Each video clip had a different theme to reach a different kind of audience, but they were all engaging and captivating. Using applications such as Vine, you can make short video clips to display your product or service and you won’t dig too deep into your marketing budget. Share these video clips with your social media followers on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Going Viral

Go a step further to recruit followers that will spread the word for you. Your brand ambassadors or loyal customers already have a strong relationship with your brand. Therefore, you can count on them to make recommendations to their friends and family members. Of course, you should offer a reward such as a free product or discount. Before long, the word will go viral.

Interesting Content

Create interesting content that people will want to talk about. For example, on June 6, Starbucks posted a promotion on their Facebook page, which read, “For $1 on June 7, enjoy an Iced Tea, Grande Iced Coffee or Refreshers Beverage.” What do you think happened? More than 13,000 thousand fans shared it with their followers and the promotion received more than 1,500 comments. Can you imagine what would have happened if they had shared it with their more than 3 million Twitter followers? The effect on both platforms would probably be staggering.

If you want to experience optimum results for your promotions, use hashtags to start a conversation with your Twitter followers. Hashtags make it easier to track the activity of a promotion and also engage people in social conversations and once they have had had a positive experience with your brand; they will share it with others. The same is true for your Facebook fans. 


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