3 Reasons Working From Home Is Overrated

Working from home might sound fun, but is it? People who don’t have an office say that working from home is horrible. The reasons below may explain why.

More and more companies are beginning to embrace flexible work schedules and allow their employees to work from home, and while this is music to our ears, lots of people who already work from home say that it might not be the greatest thing in the world.

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Not seeing your boss on a daily basis and working in your pj's sounds awesome right? So why is it that these people say they’d much rather get back to having an office routine? Below are 5 reasons you should take heed to if you’re thinking of asking your boss to work from home.

1. Working from Home Means Working Alone

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Sure colleagues can be annoying; some colleagues can be especially annoying and some days your colleagues might be the most annoying beings in the entire universe, but being in the same space with other people in a similar position as you is comforting.

Bosses are absurd and weird, and being able to vent to your colleagues is the only way to remedy many situations created by bosses. No matter how supportive the people in your home are (family, SO, etc.), nobody can quite get your work troubles like a colleague.

Moreover, working from home means working alone which can be lonely. Nobody wants to work for eight hours straight without at least talking to someone, but when you work from home, this is your reality.

2. The Desk Set-Up in Your Home Can Suck

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You probably think that working from home is all about freedom. After all, what are you going to need to work from home other than your laptop? Well, the reality is that you need plenty more. It may seem ideal, for example, to work from your bed, but if you want to do serious work you’re going to need to get out of bed and where are you going to cram yourself and your laptop? On the couch? On your dining table? These are all spaces that are not designed for work and can distract you easily.

Even if you do get a workspace in your home, you will lack equipment. Whether it’s a professional printer, a copier, or a washed mug for your coffee, an office setting provides you with everything you need to work efficiently. Not working in an office means you need to think in advance of what you’re going to need and pray to God that you’ve thought of everything.

3. It’s Not as Easy to Disconnect


Distractions are everywhere, even in the office. But, an office setting encourages concentration in a way that a home never will. Being surrounded by all your favourite things can mean that you will find it harder to sit down and do your work.

Whether it’s your mobile, the TV or your kids, there will always be things that will distract you at home. But, in the office it’s easier to disconnect.

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Maybe the solution to all our problems at work lies not with working from home but in working fewer hours. That way we won’t have to get up early in the morning, and we won’t feel as exhausted after a day in the office.

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