3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Jealous When Your Colleagues Succeed

Feeling jealous about a colleague’s success is not very nice and there are reasons why you shouldn’t feel this way. Find out why you should let it go.  

When a colleague is getting publicly praised for a job well done, sometimes you feel guilty for wanting to be in his/her place. This kind of jealousy may be a good component of healthy competition within the workplace, but not when it gets out of control and end ups becoming an obsession. Bad jealousy is never a good feeling because it encourages anger, resentment and disappointment and these three emotions are bad for success.

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It makes perfect sense that sometimes you feel envy when a colleague succeeds, but there are three reasons you shouldn’t.

1. Their Success is Your Success

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Seeing someone succeed at work should make you happy because this not only benefits the individual but also you and the rest of the team. When a colleague fixes a mistake, completes a successful project that brings in big bucks, or does something the boss is proud of, the whole company should celebrate. Even though this colleague was the one responsible for the victory, it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate with him. From this point of view, your colleague’s success is your own too.

2. You Can Learn From Them

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When you are happy – not jealous about the success of your coworkers – you care about them and you respect them. Respecting your colleagues also means that you hold them in high regard and quite possibly want to be more like them. As such you get to learn many things about them and what they did that made them so exceptionally good at their job. So stop being so overly competitive and go out to celebrate with your colleague and learn how to find success.

3. It’s Your Turn to Succeed

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It might also mean that you are next in line. Your boss has acknowledged the value of a good employee and has awarded him as such, so why not do the same for you? Perhaps your colleague has received the praise and the recognition he deserved, and now it’s your chance to shine. Would you let this opportunity slip away? Well, you shouldn’t. Show your boss that you can do more of what you are doing at the moment and give him reasons to help you develop professionally.

It makes sense to feel jealous about a coworker who succeeded at work, but being too competitive about it isn’t the best way to go. Instead of using up all of your energy on someone else's success, focus on your own and make plans as to how you can further your career.

Have you ever envied a colleague’s success? What did you do about it?




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