3 Steps to Being Hired as a HR Director

A human resource professional is one of the most important positions in an organization, responsible for all the superior tasks such as maintaining good employer-employee relations, ensuring that the employees are all happy and contended and acting as a bridge between employees and corporate leadership. Here is a post that will tell you how to get hired in a senior role such as that of HR Director.

A senior position such as that of Vice President HR or HR Director has to deal with critical issues such as planning and implementing budgets, labor relations, overseeing the implementation of policies and procedures related to staffing. They are a constant fixture in high-level board meetings and party to all vital decisions and planning regarding the future direction of the organization. Travelling is involved and work weeks are longer than the average HR professional. The salary and other benefits are good enough to compensate for the extra hard work.

Here are the three steps to get yourself hired as an HR Senior Professional:

 #1 Educate yourself

The minimum requirement for becoming an HR director is an MBA with specialization in Human resources. An internship is an important part of the program, and students are highly advised to be a part of at least one internship. At the very least it will help you in get your foot in the door. Companies appreciate and value employees who are multi-skilled. Therefore, college time is the time when you should develop as many skills as you can. In some places, multi-lingual HR professionals are preferred over others. Learning a couple of popular languages will help.

#2 Gain an entry level job and build experience

It’s not difficult to gain an entry in the HR domain if you are armed with the right educational qualifications. Almost every organization requires a specialist professional who can recruit, train, and manage the workforce for the company. Over the time of your employment, you can build your skill set in different areas of HR, which will eventually help you get promoted or hired in senior positions like HR manager, or Senior VP HR. Build at least five years of experience in various aspects of human resources like staffing, compensation or labor relation amongst others. The best thing for an aspirant will be to continuously hone their skills in order to handle all kinds of situations effectively. In addition to their daily work, professional can also learn about project management, leadership skills and other soft skills before applying to VP HR jobs.

#3 Get certified

Professional certifications go a long way to help candidates gain access to the latest standards of the industry. Getting certified from credible organizations can lend an aura of credibility and tell the future employer that you have a certain level of knowledge. The purpose of the certification can be to become eligible for promotions, or to gain knowledge. Whatever be the final purpose, these certifications from organizations like International Society for Performance Improvement will help you a lot to gain a senior level HR job.

This is definitely not a conclusive list or a sure-shot formula but following these steps WILL ensure that you place yourself on the fast-track to being hired as a senior HR guy in any organization. Do you agree? Or is there anything else you would like to add? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.


Image source: iStock