3 Surprising Career Boosters

Trying to keep the inertia of career progress can be exhausting and often unrewarding in the moment. The long hours you put in, the extra responsibilities you have and initiative often pay off but sometimes these aren’t quite enough to keep your career on an upswing.

So, to help you keep that forward and upward career movement these are some surprising career boosters.

1. Humility

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Personal growth is a result of knowing your deficiencies and trying to over-come the challenges that affect your professional growth. Although confidence is a significant component of success, humility keeps it in check, because if left unchecked, confidence can easily become insolence, narcissism and stubbornness- things which are all detrimental to the progress of a career. Over-confidence also tends to alienate people and in extreme cases creates derision towards your person.

Success cannot be achieved alone but is a collective effort where giving everyone that helped credit, and not claiming all credit for yourself. According to Erik Moore speaking about the creator of Zappo’s Tony Hsieh, an early investor in the company, Tony is not motivated by money, but wants to see Vegas (his hometown) work and be surrounded by people he cares about and care about him. Even though Tony Hsieh is worth a billion dollars…

2. Optimism

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As the popular axiom goes: You are your own worst enemy. When dealing with obstacles and challenges within you field of expertise if you are a defeatist, as in someone that has given up on the struggle before even attempting toovercome it, the success will be fleeting. On the other hand, if you approach every challenge, obstacle and set back as an opportunity to grow and advance your career then no challenge will seem impossible. Many success stories have a section about overcoming insurmountable odds to achieve a goal- if the person had seen the odds and decided never to pursue their goal, their success story would have never been written. For example, Soichiro Honda (do I really need to tell you what he founded) had only 50 piston rings accepted out of the 30.000 his small foundry produced for Toyota Motors, which put him into an extended period of unemployment. Instead of allowing this set-back to beat him he started making scooters in his garage and finally created the first iteration of the internationally known company Honda.

3. Trust

trusting people

Not only is it important to trust yourself, but trusting the people around you is paramount in the pursuit of success. Micro-managing and constantly needing validation for all projects going on around you kills moral and are some of the major bad characteristics of a horrible leader. A great example of trust is the relationship that made Microsoft one of the biggest and most well-known software companies in the world.  When Bill Gates first started the company, he worked closely with Paul Allen (which also came up with the iconic name) and Steve Ballmer. These three supported each other and carried a common vision for the future of the company and managed to create the foundations for one of the most famous success stories of the tech world. 

Are there any other things that can boost someone’s career? Let us know in the comment section below.