3 Surprising Side Effects of Working for Someone You Actually Respect


We all want to work for someone we respect and appreciate, or look up to. Their gun-ho attitude and take life by the horns (amongst other over used clichés about success) inspires and motivates us to achieve with the same zeal all they do. The reality of working with someone you admire though is very different, and these are a few surprising side effects of working for someone you actually respect.

1. Intimidation


Intimidation can take on many forms, from the bar side bumbling of someone trying to approach someone way out their league, to your profound admiration of the gardener’s impeccable topiary skills and the inability to express it. Admiration or respect of the highest order tends to work against us- we get sweaty, mumble and when we do manage to articulate something that could kind of be considered a sentence, it’s inappropriate and embarrassing. Admiration is like alcohol: the more you have the less eloquent you are.

2. Chameleon Effect

This holds true for anyone you might respect or hold high esteem for; you will often modify your behaviors and even your personality to cater to what you think that person likes. I’ll prove it to you: think of a fictional or a real person you have high admiration for…Barney? The purple dinosaur/child entertainer or the perpetually belching and drunk Simpsons character? Both…Okay then…Now, think of your most embarrassing guilty pleasure- besides admiring and respecting a drunken cartoon and a man in a purple dinosaur suit. Okay…no please, I really don’t want to know what your guilty pleasure is. My hypothetical question was about whether you would reveal that to either Barney’s. Of course you would you have no shame, but a normal person would most definitely hide embarrassing secrets from someone they admire, fearing that it would tarnish their reputation. When you’re around someone that you respect or even really like, you will inevitably modify both your behavior and your personality, but eventually the veneer will crack, and when it does, the person you respect will probably lose all respect for you.

3. Inadequacy

feeling inadequate

So, not only are you a bumbling, mumbling secretive mess, now you will also feel perpetually inadequate. Just think about it; the reason you admire that person is because they have achieved something that you have dreamt about since you heard that first belch. No matter how many carbonated drinks you drink or how much are you swallows, you know that your belches will never have the bass, reverb and tone those Barneys do. For all the normal people out there…the accolades that your supervisor has, or the charisma or the intelligence that they possess will be a constant nagging reminder that you will never, ever achieve those. No matter how much you read, work or study…Not that you are going to bother because the biggest reason you are inadequate is because you’re lazy, ugly and stupid …and you really can fix those.

Do you know of any other side effects you would experience working for someone you respect? Let us know in the comment section below.