3 Surprising Work Things That Are Bad for Your Health

We all know about the negative effects of stress, over working and bad posture but do you know that there are a million other terrifying things at work that are bad for your health? I know that you will want to read this if you are a hypochondriac but honestly move on, read something about how to brighten your workspace or something along those lines because this article will probably keep you up at night.

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These are surprising work things that are bad for your health.

1. The Building

office space

Are you constantly tired, have trouble concentrating and always on the verge of a headache? Well, it might just be your office building being sick. Since the advent of the cubicle farm as far back as the 1950s, workers have been experiencing eerily similar symptoms as those that I mentioned in the introduction. Which are a result of toxins (yes, toxins) that are breathed in by people that spend extended periods of time (you know around 8-9 hours) within a confided space with inadequate or under-performing ventilation systems. Well, that’s just the beginning. Dust mites, skin flakes and PFCs (which is an abbreviation for an all too long science-y name; just know that it’s a carcinogen that comes from plastics amongst other things). Although it’s terrifying that you might be breathing a cocktail of your co-workers’ collective DNA, Formaldehyde, Benzene and Carbon Monoxide, there is an easy solution, here’s a list of plants that suck up those toxins like, well, a toxin vacuum.

2. Sound

sound pollution

Yeah, that twenty minute conversation that your co-workers are having behind you about the multiple uses of mulch, could be influencing your health negatively. Although this is also an element of sick building syndrome, noise and vibration can have surprisingly negative effects on your health. The spectrum of sounds that have a substantial effect on health is wide and varied. From 85 decibels which is the sound level of a normal conversation, to lower frequency and level noises such as fans or even air moving in the heating and cooling system. Off the top and most obvious these sounds and vibrations hurt cognitive function, concentration and focus, but beyond that can create anxiety, rise in blood pressure, headaches (yes, again) and digestive problems.

3. Motivation

Yes, I know this seems counter-intuitive but go back to the title for a second, there you go: the article is called Surprising Work Things That Are Bad for Your Health so, that’s what I’m trying to do, surprise you.

Motivational meetings like this cacophony of Wal-Mart employees screaming like they are marching on Thermopolis, can actually have the exactly opposite effect to what employers want. Forcing employees to participate in motivational or team-building meetings can actually be counterproductive and demotivate employees faster than someone that has just gorged on a xxl pizza and needs the T.V. remote control. It can create anxiety to the point where it has negative effects on employee’s health.

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Do you know of any other surprising things that can affect your health at work? Let us know in the comment section below.