3 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed at Work

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or stressed out at work? You know, that yucky feeling you get when you have so much work to do, but so little time? You feel trapped as if there’s nothing else to do but stay at the office until everything is finished or your brain melts.

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But guess what, there are other things to do rather than bury yourself deeper in this hole. Here is a list of ways to handle feeling overwhelmed or overworked at work so you can keep on being productive and stress-free.

1. Get Out of The Office


When you are feeling overwhelmed, and your adrenaline and stress levels are high, the office is the worst place for you to be. You may feel as if your boss is peering over your shoulder, your coworkers become wild animals and that your cubicle walls are suffocating you.

If you are feeling stressed out and swamped with work, at the end of the day, the office may actually hinder you from getting work done. So, what do you do? You leave!

You should, at least, take a 10-minute break to go for a walk and clear your head with some fresh air.

And if you work at one of those cool offices where they allow remote working, just take your laptop and work someplace else; at your favourite coffee shop or a public park. Changing your environment can make you feel better, more relaxed and ready to get work done in a more effective and quick manner.

2. Talk it Out With a Coworker

talking with coworker

This is one of the easiest and most effective tips for dealing with an overwhelming day at work. If your head’s spinning from all the things you have to do by the end of the week, and you feel like you don’t know how to prioritise your tasks, or where to start, just turn around, find a colleague that you trust and talk to them.

Don’t worry; this won’t affect your “image” at the office or mean your colleagues will perceive you to be struggling; just make sure not to ask them to do work for you. You don’t even have to ask them for advice, just talk it out with them and you will see that even by talking through all the tasks you can make them seem more manageable.

This simple process of saying your tasks out loud helps you process them in your head and transform a to-do list into an action plan. Who knows, your coworker may have also been through this in the past and could give you some pointers on how to deal with them faster.

3. Get a Good Night's Sleep


Okay, even though this goes without saying I feel like I have to remind you again. Unfortunately, you are not a vampire (I hope?) and you need sleep.

Have you ever pulled any late nights because you had so much work to do? Well, you need to stop this, just put your coffee down and go to bed now.

The time you spend sitting in front of your computer, with one eye closed, is not really helping you get work done at all. It is actually slowing you down because when you are tired you get distracted easily, your tasks appear harder than they truly are and your productivity levels greatly decrease.

So give your brain a break. If you a good night’s sleep you will be able to tackle all tasks with more energy and enthusiasm.

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed at work? How did you handle it? Let us know in the comments section below.