3 Things You Should Never Tolerate in Your Career

Trying to build a career is never easy, especially these days when competition is so fierce, and the demands from bosses are ever increasing. However, if you are interested in advancing yourself and becoming successful professionally, it is a path you need to take. Building a career is rewarding and fulfilling which is why, at times, you will have to put up with issues that you wouldn’t otherwise tolerate.

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Just the other day I walked into a meeting, and my boss kept interrupting my presentation for no other reason than the fact that he was feeling rather chatty that particular morning. This is one of the things that you will unfortunately need to put up with in the workforce, but there are things that you should never tolerate in your career.

In order to help you stay on the right path when pursuing a successful career we’ve put together a list with just these things.

1. Put Your Passions in the Back-Seat


We often debate whether it’s essential to work on something we are passionate about or not. Sure, if you work your passions into your job you will be driven. But that doesn’t mean that not integrating your passions into your professional life in some way will mean that you are not driven to succeed.

However, it’s important to hang on to your passions in life because they are what inspire us to live better and more fulfilled lives. So, if your passions are not part of your career, make sure that your career does not consume your time to the point where you simply have no energy to do what you are passionate about.

2. Forget Your Values

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Our values are the core of who we are and to be true to ourselves we must live by them. Often people let go of their values for the sake of their jobs. Sometimes it’s because competition is too fierce and it’s the only way to get a leg up, other times it’s because your boss wants you to do something that you wouldn’t otherwise even consider and at times it’s simply to do with the economy and not wanting to be unemployed.

It’s easy to let go of your values if you are pushed in that direction, but you need to take a stand. You don’t want to wake up in twenty years and realize that you’ve taken one wrong step after another. You want to lead a successful life without ever betraying who you are because that’s what true happiness is about.

3. Be Put in an Uncomfortable Situation

bullied at work

We always hear about people who are somehow bullied, harassed or abused at work, and we never truly believe these stories until they happen to us. The workplace should be treated with caution because you can’t control all aspects of it and as such you are subjecting yourself to possible situations that might be uncomfortable for you.

Colleagues who threaten and bully colleagues are very real situations in the workplace, admittedly they are not always grave situations, but if you are made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace speak up, you deserve respect, and no one should be allowed to treat you with anything but respect.

If on the other hand you are put in a corner and asked to do things that you are not comfortable with seek help. Whether it’s from your manager, your HR department, or outside legal guidance, don’t allow anyone to step on your rights.

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The workplace can be a fun place to be in as long as you are respected, if anyone isn’t giving you the respect you deserve, make sure that you do not stand for it, use your voice to defend yourself as often as you need to.

Have you ever tolerated anyone of these things in your career? What happened? Your thoughts and comments below please...