3 Tips For Getting Work Done While Travelling

So many of us say that we are going to work while travelling but so few of us are successful. The reason why this happens? Well, it’s simple. Travelling can make even the most experienced travellers feel tired and unfocused. There’s the noise, the having to keep on your toes in case you need to change gate or platform, and there’s always a fellow traveller who’ll annoy the hell out of you for any number of reasons.

So, if you want to get work done while travelling, you need to be focused and serious about it. But, most importantly you need to organise beforehand. You can’t expect to get any work done if you haven’t set a clear timeline of what you want to do and when can you?

1. Make an Itinerary

woman in airport

It’s important to have a schedule if you are planning to work while travelling. Have a clear timeline in your head of where you’ll be and when and how much time you’ll have.

If you are going to be changing flights, for example, and your layover is less than an hour you can’t really expect to get any work done. You’ll need to find your gate, make a trip to the bathroom etc. If, on the other hand, you have a long layover you can find a quiet corner and write that report you have due.

There are lots of factors to consider when making your work itinerary, make sure you factor in eating, bathroom trips, Starbucks queues, etc. So, take your time and work out whether you’ll be able to get all your work done.

If you find that you won’t have as much time as you initially expected, you can do easier and more manageable tasks.

2. Be Ready for Combat

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An essential factor to consider when planning to work while travelling is whether you’ll have everything you need with you. If you are planning to catch up on your emails and you are only planning to bring your phone make sure you factor in your battery dying. To prevent that bring your charger along, but as there might be nowhere for you to plug it in, also bring a spare battery or a portable battery charger. Also, make sure that you have a piece of paper and a pen because you might need them.

If you are bringing your tablet or your laptop, the same issues apply. What’s going to happen when the battery runs out? Also, consider bringing along something that will help keep your device steady and a keyboard to make typing easier and faster.

3. Find the Right Task for the Right Moment

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It’s also important to be realistic about how much you can get done while travelling. If you are going to be in an airport and you are planning to have a skype meeting with a client, you should probably reconsider it; there will be far too much noise, and you’ll be too distracted.

If you are planning to make calls while on a train, make sure you know the route and that there won’t be too many interruptions.

There are just some things that you won’t be able to do while travelling so it’s important to take into account how easily you can focus, and how easily you get distracted, as well all the disruptive factors you might come across.

In order to get work done while traveling, you need to organize yourself. Think about of all the distractions that you will encounter and remember that you’ll never get as much done as you want to.

The more effective your planning is, the more chances you have of actually making it work.

Do you often work while travelling? Do you get a lot of work done? Do you use any of the methods mentioned above? Your thoughts and comments below please...