3 Tips For Running a Busy Healthcare Clinic

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Few healthcare clinics ever have all the resources they need to run smoothly. Whether it is due to a lack of funding or simply because there are too many patients and not enough hours in the day, if you are the director of a busy clinic, there are some things you can do to make your life much easier. Not only will you be able to operate more efficiently but your patients will be served better, and you just might find that you can increase your caseload in the process.

1. Locums Help to Fill the Void

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Even in healthcare there are busier seasons than others. For example, late autumn and winter bring a large number of influenza and pneumonia cases, so most clinics gear up for an increased caseload and new patients by the score. One of the best solutions to this problem is to have resources on hand for hiring locums. Advertise locum jobs online before the onset of flu season and by the time you have widespread pandemics in your area you will have the doctors and/or nurses you need to handle a huge increase in patients coming through your doors.

2. Technology to Streamline Patient Care

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One of the newest and most promising ‘innovations’ to hit the healthcare industry is the concept of patient self-assessment. From wearables to mobile devices and platforms for self-assessment, patients can take an active role in their own care. Healthcare apps are being developed for literally every condition and illness imaginable that allows patients to enter data through a mobile app. Clinicians can then analyse the data entered before a patient visits a clinic which significantly cuts down on the amount of time that patient need to spend at clinics. Many busy clinics have stated that they can increase their caseload because of mobile apps, a concept almost unimaginable just a few short years ago.

3. Invest in Healthcare Education for Your Patients

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Although the government attempts to provide information for the public on prevention, there is nothing quite as effective as advice coming directly from your own doctor. Some doctors have sponsored evening classes while others have printed leaflets that they hand out to patients. These can be on anything from childcare to prevention of the spread of communicable illnesses and believe it or not, they do help! Don’t ever assume that your patients understand the benefit of washing their hands more frequently, not touching door handles in public places during flu season and using the correct cooking temperatures to ensure food is safe to eat.

The more resources you can provide, the easier your job will be as the manager or director of a busy healthcare clinic. It’s a sad fact that the NHS and private clinics alike are overburdened and short-staffed. There are things you can do to speed up patient visits while helping to prevent some of those visits by educating your patients about preventative measures they can take. Hire locum doctors and nurses to fill the staffing void in busy seasons and use technology wherever possible. These 3 things alone can be real lifesavers for your busy clinic.

Do you work in a healthcare clinic? Did you find this information useful?