3 Types of Slackers and How to Deal with Them

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1. The Prized Slacker
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A prized slacker is someone who used to be really good at their job, but then they lost motivation, due to whatever reason, and now they slack 8 hours a day. How do they manage to get by? The manager is under the impression that they are the most prized employee in the firm. Having this type of slacker is not only frustrating, but also increasingly common in the corporate world. The Solution: Keep your distance. This colleague is demotivated and frustrated in their career, or lack of it. The best way to cope with such an individual is to ignore their ways and just get on with your own job.

It would be cliché to say that every office has one - but in this case it is probably true. Slacking colleagues are ever-present in the workplace, manifesting in the corners like termites and sucking productivity out like leeches. Their existence may cause your frustration, anger and even unproductivity, but it is imperative to maintain your perspective.

Here are 3 types of slackers and how to handle them:




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