3 Values you Desire in an Employee

When searching for an employee you will naturally be looking for a number of factors that will inspire you to hire an individual. Aside from the skills of the individual, you will also be assessing their values: namely, their attitude to their work and their principles as an individual.

Below are some of the top values that employers desire in a candidate: 

Integrity, morality and ethics

These are some of the most important values being assessed by employers when screening potential candidates. Look for candidates who are trustworthy and have the integrity to treat themselves, the company and your clients honestly and with utmost respect.

Dedication and hard work

An individual who is apathetic towards their work load is someone who will unsuccessfully fulfil their work obligations, whereas someone who is dedicated and hardworking is likely to go the distance within your company.

You can establish someone’s hard work ethic in a number of ways.

Look at their previous work experience. How long were they with the companies for and what did they achieve while there? Were they doing the same tasks throughout their period of employment, or did they manage to work their way up as a result of their hard work and dedication?

Are they interviewing with you because they are after something more challenging, or because they view this job as an easy ride? 

Another way to establish such values is to contact the candidate’s references.

Positive attitude, passion and motivation

Attitude, a positive outlook and motivation are qualities that you should look for when interviewing a candidate, as someone with a negative attitude will only serve to hinder their progress in the workplace. 

The above values can make or break an individual’s success in the workplace, but can also be easily discerned in an interview. Trying to spot one’s genuine values will help you when making a hiring decision.