3 Ways Office Workers Act Like Children

Let’s be honest the term “adult” is used quite liberally in today’s lexicon. It can mean someone of full maturity as in “an adult jellyfish”, it can be a code of conduct: “Let’s try and be adults about this” and it can also mean raunchy material not intended for children or those of a delicate constitution, which is usually most people’s favorite application of the word even if they don’t admit it. For our purpose we will be concentrating on the code of conduct application of the term as in acting like a grown up and how that especially in an office environment is a complete crock of buffalo poo.

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Here are a few ways office workers act like kids.

1. It’s Basically High School

We can all agree that teenagers are the most annoying creatures to meander on this earth; they are loud, clique-y, disagreeable and talk during movies which in some countries will get you tied up at the town-square to be publicly humiliated. Actually, it won’t but I think the legal punishment for movie-talkers is way too lenient so I’m just putting it out there. Now take a look around the office: there’s a group of people around the water fountain snickering at a female co-workers fashion choices, two co-workers rigging someone’s chair with an air horn that will blast the moment they sit down and a lonely coworker in the corner surrounded by action figures, oblivious to everything that is going on around him/her. You are basically spending eight precious hours of your life, every day in a high school with more bald spots than cheerleaders and more beer bellies than jocks (ironically the ones that have beer bellies are usually the ones that were jocks in school). Just because that realization isn’t terrifyingly enlightening enough, there’s more.

2. Whining

If you still haven’t completely lost faith in humanity consider this little statistic: a 1919 psychological study estimated that the average mental age of an adult is between 13-18 years old. Of course, it’s a 1919 study so it’s not like it’s going to be the most reputable study, especially considering people in the 1900s believed that radioactive elements and taking out pieces of the brain were feasible cures for things. The mental age of office workers might be significantly lower though considering a survey conducted by that found that 55% of respondents said they experienced whining in the work place. Whining is usually a characteristic behavior of toddlers to pre-teens, not full-fledged power-outfit wearing adults….or so you thought.

3. The Mommy Effect

A frequent complaint in the workplace regards facility cleanliness…who do you think affects the cleanliness of the workplace? You guessed it, the people that work in said facility. Why is that? Well, because they act like spoiled brats that expect their mom to clean after them. Go to the sink in your office break room…are there dirty dishes there? Of course, there are. Now go to the bathroom…does the image you are confronted with make you silently scream like the protagonist of a Japanese horror film? Of course it does. That because your co-workers expect the one nice person (or person with slight OCD) to clean up the messes that they made, something that of course a spoiled child would do.

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Do you have any other examples of office workers acting like little children? Let us know in the comment section below.




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