3 Ways to Handle the Office Comedian

The office comedian is the worst kind of colleague you can get and although they are annoying they can be handled…Learn how to in the article below.   

Every office has an array of characters that tend to make life impossible for the rest of us. And as much we want to ignore them it often is impossible to avoid contact with these people- especially when they are constantly blubbering on and on.

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The office comedian is one of the worst of these characters because they think themselves so funny that it’s often impossible to shut them up. Whether your office comedian tends to tell silly dad jokes or goes borderline racist it can be hard to handle them.

The list below features three ways with which to handle the office comedian so that you can get some peace of mind at work. Read on and tell us which of these ways best suits your character.

1. Laugh With Them

coworkers laughing

I know that you probably find the office comedian to be the lamest person alive and it’s not just that they always have some stupid joke on the tip of their tongue, it’s also the fact that their jokes are always stupid. Nothing even remotely funny ever comes out of their mouth –in your opinion because the rest of your colleagues seem to be enjoying the situation just fine- which probably makes you want to stuff their socks in their mouth every time you hear them crack another joke.

However, as being violent is frowned upon in the office you may want to find other ways to expel that violence that overcomes you and in order to remain employed in your company, I propose that you start laughing with the office comedian’s jokes.

As lame as they are, if they are not discriminating in any way, you can let out a giggle or two to show your solidarity with the office comedian.

This move should only be considered if the rest of your colleagues seem to enjoy your colleagues’ jokes as this will make you more amicable to their eyes.

2. Explain That You Don’t Find Them Funny

annoyed woman

If your office comedian is truly a stupid one who keeps making jokes that are not only not funny but also discriminating against certain groups of people and you really can’t stand them each time they open their mouth then you might want to start answering back.

You can actually speak up and tell them that their jokes are not funny and that they shouldn’t be making them in the workplace.

This of course is bound to create some unsettlement but if you really can’t stand the office comedian then it can’t be helped.

3. Remain Silent


If you are really not interested in causing a stir in the office and you prefer to sulk on your own then you may want to think about remaining silent. You don’t have to laugh at their jokes but you also don’t need to cause a scene. Simply stay in your corner and stare hard at your computer screen without saying anything.

Of course, this attitude might make the office comedian think you’re a snob, but who cares.

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Handling people you dislike at work can be impossible but the more you don’t decide which stance to take the more they’ll annoy you so, decide how you want to handle them and you’ll see that you’ll start enjoying your time at work more.