3 Ways to Make Your Commute More Fun

Work has many levels of hell, having to deal with micromanaging bosses, being forced to interact socially with other humans and the dreaded morning commute. Why is the morning commute so arduous and psychologically tasking? Let’s break it down: you are sleeping in your warm sheets dreaming of saving the fourth overly attractive model of the night from the clutches of a super-villain when your alarm clock startles you out of the embrace of the aforementioned model and into the cold cruel world.

In a morning haze, you have to shower, dress and get out the door, get in your car, the bus, subway or other alternative means (domesticated Emu) and go to work. The morning commute is the frustrating gateway between the warmth and comfort of your home and the eight-hour long purgatory that you call work. Since you have to subject yourself to these various tiers of hell, why not try and make your morning commute a little more fun…Look I’m just an internet writer I can only do so much without the ability to prescribe mood changing pharmaceuticals.

1. Ditch The Car

The world is a terrifying place and using your car to commute to work makes it even more horrifying, but not in the death by a fiery car crash way you expect. The average American worker spends 25.5 minutes each way commuting to work. That’s about 51 minutes a day and a whopping soul crushing 204 hours a year. That’s not even the worst of it either. Driving your car to work comes with a heightened risk of depression, increased blood sugar, anxiety, cholesterol, no I’m not done, blood pressure spikes and skeletomuscular pain. Wow, the health effects of driving read like the side effects of boner pills which you might need because it also affects cardiovascular health.

2. Alternative 1

happy funny young couple riding on bicycle

Cycling, yes you too can become one of the pompous, insufferable b****rds that constantly boast the about environmental, health and mental benefits of commuting to work via velo (I know I am). But hear me out, that’s not the slant I’m going to take to convince you (just gimme a sec to get out my high-horse stirrups…). The best argument I have from personal experience of cycling to work is although it has its death defying, harrowing moments, it’s freaking fun.

Cycling to work transports you to an age where you spent summers cavorting in the neighborhood with other kids, riding your bike for the sake of riding your bike. Sure as an adult it has to get you somewhere, but those emotions still shine through the drudgery. OK, I’m gonna get on my high horse for just a second, so cycling just 8 km every morning to work (5 miles for the metrically impaired readers) for a year can help you shed about 8.5 kg (or 19 pounds to our non-metric-believers). Added benefit of cycling is if you’re a tech geek or gadget head, cycling is the sport for you. There are lights, helmets, glasses, clothing and a myriad of bikes to choose from that you can exchange, upgrade and fix…it’s really like a vehicle and an adult erector set for adults…

3. Public Alternative

OK, so you have the coordination of a drunken baboon and the balance of a three-legged giraffe with an inner ear disorder, so cycling is out of the question…what will you do? You can commute to work via public transportation! Sure it smells a little like urine and stale spilled beer, but it can give you an extra 20-60 minutes a day to indulge your creativity or knowledge.

Many public transit commuters read, write or listen to music on their way to work…some even use adult coloring books…yeah, that’s a thing. You might even pen the next monster hit, soccer-mom-porn novel based on fan fiction of another crappy literary series/movie on your smartphone much like E.L. James did with 50 Shades of Grey.

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Do you have any other recommendations to make your commute to work happier? Let us know in the comment section below.