3 Ways to Use Video Advertising Successfully

Commercials used to be a major way that businesses could advertise using a video format and get results in increased sales. However, newer businesses and newbie entrepreneurs do not necessarily have the financial resources to advertise in that manner. With the advancement of technology and the Internet, utilizing video advertisements to promote your business has never been easier or more affordable as a viable marketing option. This article will address three basic ways that you can find success using video advertising for your business.

Ways to Find Success with Video Advertising

For a video advertisement to be successful, it must reap results in increased sales or traffic to your store or website. There are three basic factors that must be involved in creating an effective video for marketing purposes, and they are discussed below.

1. Get Attention

The first step to having a successful video advertising for your business is to find a way to immediately grab the attention of the viewer. If you cannot grab the viewers’ attention within the first ten seconds of the video, you’ve lost any genuine chance of reaching them as potential new customers. Once you get their attention, it is vital that you maintain their focus on your company and product throughout the entire video. However, remember not to create an advertisement that is overly “sales-driven”, but rather more “consumer-driven” and focused on what the customer wants to see.

2. Send a Message

The second factor involves being able to send the right message, ensure that it is communicated correctly and received by the consumer. You don’t want to have the advertisement so focused on what the consumer wants to see and showcase nothing about your product or the sales aspect of the advertisement. It is important to find a balance between the two factors of giving a sales pitch and still maintain the viewer’s interest and trust in you. The message must be clearly delineated and not too obstructed by extraneous fluff.

Additionally, you must establish an unspoken trust between you and the viewer to actually take the time to watch the entire video advertisement. The main message is that your product or service will help the viewers, and you must show that they need to purchase it. Once the ad is over, the viewer must know what the product or service was for it to have been successful.

3. Stay Memorable

So after you have caught the viewer’s attention and effectively communicated your message, the final step is to stay memorable to future customers. Your video advertisement may be well crafted and have grabbed the viewer’s attention. However, if the message does not stay in the viewer’s mind, you have not been successful. For example, think about one of your favorite jingles or the song that played during one of your favourite commercials. Every time you view the advertisement, you can’t help but hum along to the song or jingle. Sometimes that melody sticks in your head for hours or days. All that time, you subconsciously think about the company or product. Take a moment to think about one of the lines from a commercial or video advertisement that you remember. Right away, I can think of a few. One is “like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” Now, I happen to have purchased State Farm insurance even before I saw this commercial. However, the point is that the statement and the tune played in the background while those words are said can be instantly recalled in my mind. In order for your video advertisement to be successful, you must find a way to make it memorable in your viewers’ minds.

Resources Available for Creating Successful Videos

You can find a wide variety of resources available to you online while you embark on creating an effective and successful video advertisement for your business. Diaz Nesamoney is the Founder and CEO of Jivox, which is a self-service online video advertising platform for small businesses. Mr. Diaz wrote an excellent article in on how to create video ads.

Lewis Humphries wrote an article on showcasing 8 free resources for easily creating video advertisements for your business. Some of the video creation tools discussed in his article are Masher, Animoto and Stupeflix.

Examples of Successful Videos

The two examples listed below showcase video advertisements posted online via YouTube that effectively utilize the three factors discussed in this article—get attention, send a message and stay memorable

This Volkswagen video advertisement quickly catches the attention of the viewer and has been viewed over 3 million times.

This video for Plantronics Calisto Pro shows how a product that is not as well-known as a VW vehicle can still be showcased in an effective video advertisement. This advertisement gives viewers two separate scenarios of how someone could use their product and the second one where the person uses it and benefits from the experience.

Creating a successful video advertisement for your business is much easier than you might think. There are a variety of resources available online as well as tutorials for how to create videos with special effects. Remember to quickly catch the attention of the viewer, send a clear message and create a video advertisement that is memorable.

Do you use video advertisements? Have you found them to be effective for your business? Your thoughts and comments below please...




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