3 Words That'll Open Doors Every Time You Use Them

Words are a lot more powerful than we give them credit for. Sure they can’t create massive Micheal-Bay-esque explosions, or slice through metal like Wolverine’s adamantium claws, but they do have the power to control ours and other’s minds and behaviors- kind of like X-Men’s Charles Xavier. Okay, I’m done geeking out now so here is the true dirt on how the following words can open doors every time you use them.

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1. Positive

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Firstly you need to burn in a verbal pyre anything with a negative context. Words such as I can’t, doubt, it’s impossible have the same effect as eating a rotten papaya- they leave you with a nasty after-taste. Instead of using negative words, try more positive ones such as challenging, resource intensive and I’ll try. It’s easy to put a positive spin on mostly everything: I’m afraid my iguana ate your pet goldfish sounds much worse than Nature is an amazing thing! My iguana ate your pet goldfish….Okay maybe that wasn’t a great example, but you get my point.

2. Power Words

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Often used by writers to help emphasize and even visualize actions. Some of the most popular “power words” include sharp, shining, fervent and invigorated. All those words have a gravitas to them and have an extremely positive connotation and actually their strength lies in their superlative positivity. Let’s look at a few examples:

a sharp increase

instead of

a noticeable increase


a shining review

instead of

a positive review


a fervent pursuit of our goal

instead of

a dedicated pursuit of our goal

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the market has been invigorated

instead of

the market has been renewed


Although all those sentences relatively convey the same basic concept the feeling they convey is extremely different. Thus, it’s infinitely beneficial when speaking with someone to use power words which will help them develop a positive image of you as a person.  

3. Self-Affirmation

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The effect of language isn’t just applicable when speaking with others; it can have a profound self-affirming effect even on you. For example, when someone greets you instead of responding with “pretty good” try “Awesome”, “terrific” and “great”. Many of the most successful people use daily positive affirmations to remind them of their goals, their personal value and the reasons they want to succeed. Keeping a positive mentality and approaching daily challenges (necessary for success) with a healthy outlook starts with language that reinforces it.

You can stop rolling your eyes, because there are studies that have been conducted that prove a connection between stress management, problem solving and self-affirmation. Specifically it has been found that self-affirmation, i.e. concentrating on your strengths instead of your deficiencies, boosts a stressed individual’s problem solving skills. It has even been shown to help increase GPA in underperforming students by the end of the semester. Sure, you can argue, it also has to do with suppressed or limited problem solving skills due to chronic stress, but affirmation actually helps with managing chronic stress.

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