30 Expert Tips for Creating the Perfect Online Brand – Infographic

Building your own personal brand online can sometimes be a hefty task. But it isn’t. You only need to stick to several principles that will guarantee your online presence shines and speaks professionalism! The first step to creating a compelling personal brand is to know your audience and your peers as well as have an understanding of where you fit into the industry.

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ReferralCandy aggregated 30 tips from some of the best experts in the industry to help you craft the best personal brand possible.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Be unique and be clear about your message and brand. Don’t imitate a brand that already exists.
  • Be yourself and allow interactivity with your audience. People know when you’re faking it.
  • It is not a bad idea to show the world some aspects of your imperfect self.
  • Be transparent and show snippets of yourself in what you do.
  • Share real-life stories that will encourage people to connect with you.
  • Figure out what lights you up, make sure your audience identifies with it, and articulate your value with a compelling short message.
  • Create a strong online persona: give your audience the “WOW” experience they seek.
  • Be proud of everything you post! If the possibility of an article of yours appearing on the front page of newspapers would make you feel embarrassed, then don’t hesitate to rewrite it.

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Check out this infographic to get some of the best expert tips on how to sculpt and strengthen your personal brand in the complex online world.




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